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Cantimber Biotech Inc

Cantimber Biotech Inc

Cantimber Biotech Inc. is the leading Wood Based Activated Carbon manufacturer in Canada. We proudly offer wood based activated carbon produced through a thermo-physical process that purifies for wide array of applications. Our pyrolysis technology is a robust system carbonize wood to clean and higher quality wood charcoal. Our fluidized bed based steam activation technology is a versatile system activates wood charcoal to various specialty grades of activated carbon to meet our customer’s diverse needs. Our plant is located in one of the major forest area in British Columbia province Canada. All of our raw material, wood chips, comes from the famous Port Alberni forest area within radius of 50 kilometers scope to our plant as center. The main tree species are Douglas-fir, hemlock, red cedar and others.

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185-1991 Savage Road , Richmond , BC V6V 0A4 Canada
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Air Filtration
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Nationally (across the country)

Since our thermos-physical process is free of chemical additives, therefore our activated carbon products are particularly favorable for water treatment, purifying foods and pharmaceuticals. Our customers highly value our environmentally conscious utilization of renewable energy to meet all the heat energy demand for manufacturing activated carbon.

Cantimber Biotech Inc. was incorporated at Richmond, British Columbia, Canada in May of 2014. On April of 2015. The first phase of construction project was complete at Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada in December of 2015. Subsequently, the plant passed inspections conducted by the authority with jurisdiction including equipment safety, electrical safety, and fire safety. Commissioning and trial productions commenced began in March of 2016.

The first phase of Cantimber Biotech Inc. project utilizes the abundant logging residue in the province of British Columbia as raw material, the main tree species are Douglas-fir, hemlock, red cedar and others. The project utilizes retort pyrolysis technology to produce clean and high quality charcoal. The project employ fluidized based steam activation chamber to produce granular and powder pure physical method wood activated carbon, that can be further refined into pharmaceutical grade, food plant grade and chemical engineering grade raw material.

Cantimber Biotech Inc. has upcoming second phase and third phase project that will further expand product capacity of activated carbon raw material, as well as construct fine refining equipment to product various higher grades of activated carbon. Comprehensive equipment that will recovery wood vinegar and wood tar as by-product will complete the industrial chain, and product line to serve diverse customer needs for different applications.