Cappellotto S.p.A.

Cappellotto S.p.A.

Cappellotto S.p.A.

Cappellotto S.p.A. is one of the world leaders for the production of truck chassis mounted equipment, used for the suction of sewage wastes from sewers, for the high pressure cleaning of ducts and pipes, for the suction of sludge, dry and solid materials and for the transportation of dangerous goods.Our equipment is known all over the world: it operates in more than 40 countries and is appreciated for the quality, high capacity, reliability and safety. Having more than 50 years experience, we are able to build a wide range of equipment, which can be mounted on all truck chassis models, following a precise philosophy: application and development of new technologies with full environment respect .

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Via Vizza, 8 , Gaiarine , Italy 31018 Italy
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Sewer Cleaning
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)


Faithful to our mission that always foresees the maximum quality standard, Cappellotto S.p.A. is well organized for a strict check in all production activity step. The main seat is developed over 16.000 of covered m2, included into a total area of 4.000 m2. In the nearby a very modern factory of over  8.000 m2 has been built, for tanks production purpose. We produce every year over 200 equipments, employing 150 operators and a team of 20 technicians following entirely the  industrial planning and the research and develop of new products.


Cappellotto mission consists on governing and manage the industrial planning, building, selling and after sales process of equipments that use the vacuum and high pressure technology for sewer and dark waters cleaning, for ADR dangerous material transport, at high excellence levels and by using an innovative way, giving an high level and value during years to the Company and most of all to the customers.

On particular, Cappellotto S.p.A. has the main target of the customer satisfaction. This goal is also the instrument for the Company success.

Our will is:

  • To better the customer needs comprehension, in a  field of cooperation and transparency, to optimize the value of the offered solutions;
  • To better the flexibility of the production process in order to create special equipments;
  • To reduce the industrial planning, supplying and production times;
  • To satisfy the new markets demand.

The customer and all the concerned SATISFACTION, must be pursued and done by respecting the product features and services given, by the operators security and by preventing  pollution by means of the quality improvement, by preventing the accidents using Cappellotto equipments, and by reducing the environmental impacts.

Ever since Mr. Pietro Cappellotto founded the Company in 1953, our history has been featured by an unique care on creating unrivalled products, and by the application of the concept of total quality to every phase of production.

This tradition during years has made us famous on different areas throughout the world and allowed us to develop new technological solutions to improve and make work easier and more efficient for our customers.