We help enterprises get better at sustainability management. We are committed to delivering a service that is promoting the ideas of triple bottom line, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We are striving to make our solution easy to use, easy to access and affordable, and yes – carbon-free. Carbon-And-More offers an online software solution that allows SMBs/SMEs calculate their carbon footprint, their water usage, their community donations and volunteer work and many other things. The solution also generates a real-time Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report that can be shared as a URL.

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117 #403 Lakeshore Road East , Mississauga , L5G 4T6 Canada
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Software vendor
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Environmental Regulations and Compliance
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Nationally (across the country)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint and more

Carbon and more is a web application designed to help organizations get better at environmental and social considerations:

Save Money
Help you identify which of your business activities use lots of energy or resources, and then reduce the costs.

Do Your Bit
Reduce your impact on the environment, such as carbon footprint, help your community.

Generate New Business
Improve your image and competitivity with innovations and cost-containment.

Meet Public Demands
Answer your customer requests for information on your greenhouse gas emission and other important topics.

CSR for Better Competitive Advantage
Social Responsibility drives better competitive advantage. Research demonstrates that sustainability adopters are also economically more viable enterprises.

Know Your Carbon Footprint
By identifying your largest sources of emissions you are more likely to become carbon neutral. Put your organization on track for a better triple bottom line.

Reporting for Better Visibility
Being able to make voluntary CSR reports to your clients, associates, and prospects earns respect and visibility.

Some Carbon Stats
Some global stats that help understand where human carbon emissions come from  to get to neutrality better.