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Carbon Expert can help you understand the likely impact of existing and impending legislation on your business, guide you towards managing the change and assist in helping you adapt profitably to a sustainable future. Regulatory pressures are increasing and the range of companies being brought into compliance regimes is spreading, with many businesses and customers now prioritising environmental performance in their decision making processes.

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Beyond Carbon Neutral - Carbon Positive

Having a sustainability policy and dealing with business GHG emissions has become an intrinsic part of business management. It is for good reason that every major corporate business from IBM to Barclays Bank, Land Rover to Aviva have become Carbon Positive.

Pledges made in 2009 as part of the UNFCCC Copenhagen Accord in the hope of limiting global warming to the critical 2°C have not been met. It is now accepted that global warming will exceed 3°C by the end of this century with disastrous consequences 1 unless businesses and countries act very soon and become Carbon Positive.

Carbon Positive means tackling this problem in a positive way, recognising that GHG emission reductions may need to be 2.5 times actual emissions AND also understanding that this can have a positive impact in both the short and long term for your business.

Being Carbon Positive is an opportunity to increase your profitability enhance your reputation and reduces costs

Leading global companies have universally adopted sustainability policies because it's good for business as well as good for the environment and good for their long term future.

This includes all the major UK banks, car manufacturers, insurers & retailers.

For most businesses the benefits of positively taking up the opportunity to develop and maintain a sustainability program out-weight the costs both in time and money

  • Understanding your energy use and going through the process of an assessment identifies operational and cost inefficiencies
  • Having a sustainability and environmental policy attracts new customers and avoids loss of existing ones thereby expanding your customer base ¹
  • Being Carbon Positive is a recognised way to enhance your brand and reputation
  • Adopting environmental and sustainability programs ahead of regulation and competition defines a company as strategically environmentally committed and ethical
  • Being part of the Carbon Positive business circle is good for employee retention and staff morale
  • As consumers and commercial purchasers become better and more committed to identifying and differentiating between suppliers on environmental performance, benefits will improve more and more in time
  • Planning your carbon management strategy now can allow you to hedge the likely risk of your future carbon costs increasing dramatically in the next few years ²
  • Preparing for regulation in advance avoids the stress, time and expense of adapting under pressure
  • Public pressure for companies to be held to account will continue to lead to an increasingly commercially punitive system for businesses that fail to adapt ³
  • Many companies now take the environmental record of their suppliers into account during procurement decisions and have developed supply chain CSR policies

We can help you to understand the carbon markets and the opportunities it presents, deal with legislation, arrange for a cost effective survey of your carbon footprint, and help you calculate, reduce and offset your business emissions.

We can take you through the process in a cost effective simple way and take you through Carbon Trust Certification if you choose:

Calculating emissions

A clear boundary must be set for emissions calculated in terms of the gases and sources included, the organisational context and the extent to which responsibility is accepted.

Reducing Emissions

We work with you to evaluate what internal emissions reductions you can make for instance with energy efficiencies, altered and improved business practices and new equipment.

Offsetting Residual Emissions

Having followed the first two stages an accurate assessment can be made to determine the amount of Carbon Offset required to become Carbon Neutral, with an additional buffer ensuring that your business is beneficial to the environment and Carbon Positive.

Communicating Carbon Positivity

It is important to provide clear information on the emissions measured, reductions made and offsets purchased, and actively promote this to potential and existing customers.

This process needs to be carried out on an annual basis, ideally to fit with your accounting period in preparation for inclusion in mandatory reporting.

Managing your Carbon Footprint doesn't need to be an expensive process and we can guide your business to becoming Carbon Positive in a simple non-intrusive way. Usually this will not require a site visit and can be done over the telephone and by email, with a report and certification included.

Carbon Reduction:

We can guide you through implementation of your carbon reduction plan, provide assistance with financing for new more efficient equipment and if necessary provide independent advice on how to improve industrial and manufacturing processes through our network of Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency scheme advisors.

Offsetting to Carbon Positive:

We supply a range of VCS verified Carbon Offsets that can be retired to balance your outstanding impact and invested in to ensure fixed cost offsetting for the future. All projects are independently verified and can be selected through cost and project or in a mixed portfolio. We are aware that some clients are simply looking for the most cost effective way to manage their carbon footprint whilst others may have a particular desire to support an REDD+ project in Kenya or Hydropower in China and are willing to accept the additional cost.

Capitalising on the Benefits:

Once you have become Carbon Positive we will help you make the most of this through PR campaigns, marketing drives and website development. You can inform and advise your staff, suppliers and customers and make the most of the effort and results of pursuing a sustainability and environmental policy.

The future:

Finally we can make this an easy process for you on an ongoing process with annual reviews based on previous reports and experience, resulting in a streamlined, stress free and efficient carbon management process that is adapted to regulatory changes and keeps your business progressive and protected.

Carbon Expert can help with business investment requirements and the verification process. If you have a project that needs investors, or are looking to invest in Carbon Offset projects, renewable energy projects or entrepreneurial projects in the carbon markets contact us to see if we can help.

We have experience starting projects, putting them through verification and working with the VCS and other registries.

We work in all markets with businesses operating in many different countries and sectors. We understand the intricacies of compliance and voluntary markets, timescales and finance requirements and how offset can benefit business development. We understand business needs and the realities of business finance and management.

Carbon Expert can help your business benefit from the opportunities available in the worlds fastest growing market.

Carbon Expert are a Carbon Positive business operating under a carbon management plan that ensures our already very low carbon impact is managed continually with a target of emission reduction despite the rapid expansion of the business.

On a simple level this involves avoiding flights and focusing on video conferencing and telephone use where possible. A vehicle share scheme is in place for commuting and meetings abroad are batched if unavoidable. Energy reduction management systems operate in offices, air conditioning and heating use are avoided with natural ventilation systems used throughout the year and all data managed digitally.

These processes allow us to reduce costs and emissions, and encourage us to think about and manage business processes efficiently. As with most businesses, dealing with our environmental impact has a positive financial effect, and leads to increased productivity and profitability.

Carbon Expert offset remaining unavoidable emissions to ensure our continued operation is beneficial to the environment and the future global climate; we are also responsible for the placement of hundreds of thousands of tons of VCS carbon offset every month, and have established our main office in Spain, the country with the world record for renewable contribution to the energy mix at 53% in 2009.