Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC)

Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC)

Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC)

Carbon Offset Aggregation Cooperative (COAC) provides a Fuel Efficiency and Carbon Reduction Initiative for owners of diesel burning equipment and long or short haul trucks to reduce operating costs and create, aggregate and sell carbon offsets, produced through a reduction in diesel consumption. COAC will assist owners in overcoming the technological and financial barriers necessary to make carbon and fuel reduction changes within their operation. With the increasing price of fuel, environmental impact and impending regulation, many companies must look to competitively reduce both fuel consumption and carbon emissions. As the owners of the only carbon protocol methodology in the world for calculating, reporting and selling carbon offsets from “Efficiencies in Industrial Vehicles and Industrial Equipment”.

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COAC would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our organization where we believe you have similar interests to us; to become more efficient in our daily business practices while focusing on reducing harmful atmospheric emissions. As a member of COAC you will generate carbon offsets, by reducing the amount of fossil fuels (diesel) utilized in your fleet.

The addition of technology, modification of equipment and awareness of operators all leads to behavioural change. All of which will reduce your fuel consumption and GHG's emitted, and in doing so, will produce carbon offsets which are then aggregated and sold by COAC.

The proceeds of the sale of the offsets will be returned to the member producer as a dividend, less a percentage for administration, which remains with the COAC.


To be a world leader in helping companies large and small reduce their emissions, directly through a reduction in fossil fuel consumption, or indirectly through the planting of trees. 


  • To help the transportation and natural resource industries create, aggregate and transfer, trade or sell, carbon offsets, produced through a reduction in diesel consumption.
  • To be the partner of choice for development of industry-based projects to reduce emissions.
  • To plant trees and manage the stands for enhanced growth and carbon sequestration.
  • To educate individuals, companies, and the public, about doing business greener, and more efficiently, through the use of technology, and changing operator behaviors.
  • To break down the financial, technological, cultural, or knowledge barriers that prevent companies large and small from actively working to reduce their emissions.


Integrity. Transparency. Leadership. Innovation. Entrepreneurship. Inclusiveness. Inspiration.  Sustainability. Environmental Stewardship.

COAC has developed a program to assist the Resource and Transportation industries to both reduce fuel consumption and related diesel emissions. COAC is able to validate emission reductions through our protocol methodology for British Columbia validated to the BC Regulatory requirements by Stantec Consulting and through a second protocol methodology currently submitted with The Verified Carbon Standard (V-C-S) in Washington, DC.

Reduction of diesel consumption will yield:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced ghg emissions
  • Higher return on investment for operators
  • Increase efficiencies in operations
  • Production of carbon offsets which will benefit the operators and environment

Offset programs usually establish a number of specific eligibility criteria, and most often require that offsets have the following characteristics:
  • Additionality | is a test to ensure that the greenhouse gas emission offsets in question are an incremental benefit of the offset project, and not the outcome of business as usual
  • Verifiability | is an assurance by an independent third party that the greenhouse gas reductions claimed have genuinely taken place
  • Permanence | refers to the ability of the project to maintain the greenhouse gas removals over time
  • Leakage | is an unintended change in greenhouse gas emissions or removals in another location, but resulting from the project, so that the overall level of emissions has not been fully reduced
  • Counted Once | this specification is required to avoid the sale of a project's greenhouse gas reduction to more than one buyer

Who is buying Carbon Offsets?

Provinces, States, individuals, companies, corporations, and organizations are all purchasers of Carbon Offsets. Offsets are produced to fulfill the demand from sources to offset their own, normally unavoidable, emissions by giving others an incentive to reduce emissions or implement projects which capture emissions.