Carbonsim is a leading developer of emissions management, trading, compliance and reporting software. Our software platform – EMISSIONS logic - allows companies to confidently and accurately manage their obligations under a variety of environmental regulations and reporting regimes, including mandatory emissions trading schemes and voluntary carbon neutral commitments. Carbonsim is part of the E3 group of companies that have developed around the emerging emissions trading market.

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P.O. Box 1944 , Surfers Paradise , QLD 4217 Australia
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Service provider
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Climate Change
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Internationally (various countries)

Carbon is the chemical surroundings with symbolisation C and minute symbol 6. As a member of grouping 14 on the intermittent array, it is metalloid and tetravalent-making figure electrons obtainable to state covalent chemical bonds. There are cardinal naturally occurring isotopes, with 12C and 13C being unfluctuating, while 14C is radioactive, decaying with a half-life of nigh 5,730 period. Carbon is one of the few elements familiar since oldness.

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