Carbonxt Group Ltd.

Carbonxt Group Ltd.

Carbonxt offers engineered powdered activated carbons for mercury capture with the aim to continually improve capture efficiency thus continuously lowering sorbent costs. Carbonxt`s activated carbons offer increased compliance flexibility as they are non-halogenated (avoids air-heater corrosion), are customized to individual boiler environments, and have been successfully demonstrated to achieve MATS compliance for all coal types and particulate collection devices. Carbonxt is eager to deliver unparalleled service including inventory management, just in time delivery, and comprehensive engineering.

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951 NW 48th Terrace Suite 111 , Gainesville , 32606 Florida, USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)

Carbonxt, Inc. is the US subsidiary committed to the company operations and business development. Company operations are primarily located in Charleston, WV with additional efforts located in Gainesville, FL.

Clear Carbon Innovations (CCI) is the fully owned subsidiary and technical arm for Carbonxt. In addition, CCI also develops additional environmental solutions with a strong focus on the power industry. Through this entity, Carbonxt is constantly expanding its technical operations.


In 2006, Carbonxt identified mercury removal from coal-fired power stations as an emerging market for activated carbon and we began development efforts focusing on this application.

The following year, in an effort to successfully participate in the mercury capture market, we recruited highly specialized personnel to join our team. These individuals possessed technical skills in capturing mercury from air and water, the ability to manufacture varying activated carbon products and the ability to tailor these products to suit individual power utilities circumstances.

In 2010, we initiated product testing in a laboratory setting and by 2012 our R&D team had developed a full-scale field-testing program with various utilities in several sites.


Fast forward to 2013 when Carbonxt developed manufacturing partnerships with two companies, both industry recognized in their respective areas of expertise. Later, in early 2014, Carbonxt was awarded a PAC contract for a utility located in the mid-Atlantic region of the US.

Most recently, Carbonxt formed a partnership with United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) to jointly provide new emission control systems and sorbents for coal-fired power plants in North America and Europe. This offering combines our companies’ respective  expertise in air quality control systems and activated carbon-based solutions for regulation compliance.

Currently our R&D team continues their research in an effort to improve our products while developing new ones. Our sales team is available to meet with those interested in learning how we can partner together to meet your individual needs.

We look forward to updating our Announcements and History pages as the company continues to build partnerships with utilities while pushing the envelope in R&D.


At Carbonxt, our mission is comprised of the following tenets:

  • Provide holistic and customer-based environmental solutions
  • Manufacture premium engineered sorbents
  • Utilize proprietary manufacturing processes
  • Remain leaders in R&D, devising customer-based, environmental solutions for current and future issues

Presently we’re focused on activated carbon-based solutions for the removal of mercury to help coal-fired power plants meet MATS compliance.


We uphold this mission by maintaining the following values:

  • Providing personal, customer-oriented service with a single point of contact
  • Dedication to maintaining innovative R&D practices
  • Focusing on customer value in all areas
  • Maintaining a partnership philosophy


Carbonxt has embraced a unique business perspective whereby we think of the purchasers of our products not as “customers” but rather as “partners.”

This mindset speaks to our complete confidence in our R&D team’s ability to provide performance enhancements to our PACs resulting in lower costs to our partners (either via lower injection rates or product processing efficiencies).  In fact, we take a collaborative approach to ensure we’re continuously learning about our partner utility’s operations and performance.

At Carbonxt, we pride ourselves on the fact that our goal isn’t to simply sellproducts, but rather, to help our partner utility companies pinpoint the rightproduct for their exact needs. Working together with you, we strive to provide solutions that ultimately benefit your company, your community and the environment as a whole.

We firmly believe that our partnership philosophy combined with our R&D capabilities provide us with a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace because the Carbonxt team was specifically built with experts trained in mercury capture, flue gas, and activated carbon.

Carbonxt is strongly committed to improving our activated carbons while developing new ones for our partners.

Our goal is to enhance our activated carbons in a way that would ultimately lead to a reduction in our customers’ demand on a long-term basis. Naturally, this reduction in need would equate to a savings for our partners over the course of their contracts.

Ultimately, our commitment to Customer Value is tied to our Partnership Philosophy in the sense that our goal is to help our partner utility companies pinpoint the right activated carbons for their exact needs with a goal of reducingconsumption and cost over the course of our contract together.

The Carbonxt and United Conveyor Corporation (UCC) partnership strengthens both companies’ commitment to customer value as the combination of their areas of expertise will simplify customer efforts to comply with stringent emission control regulations. To learn more about the partnership, click here.