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  • Activated Carbons

  • CarboTech - Powdered Activated Carbons

    CarboTech - Powdered Activated Carbons

    CarboTech manufactures products in its milling and mixing plants characterized by precise adsorption and filtration properties offering customized solutions for a wide application spectrum.

  • CarboTech - Pool Activated Carbons

    CarboTech - Pool Activated Carbons

    Either granulated or extruded, CarboTech pool activated carbons are the result of reactivation. Their adsorption properties often surpass those of fresh activated carbons and therefore feature impressive adsorption properties. As such, they are not only predestined for wastewater treatment but also for numerous mobile adsorption applications in the liquid and gas phase. Spent activated carbons pass through our unique fluidized-bed reactivation process...

  • CarboTech - Impregnated Activated Carbons

    CarboTech - Impregnated Activated Carbons

    Through a suitable impregnation, the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon can be increased considerably – for economic collection of several hard to adsorb gas pollutants such as hydrogen sulphide, mercury or ammonia. The pollutants are then no longer collected solely via adsorption but additionally via chemisorption. Typical impregnation chemicals are sulphur (for the removal of mercury), potassium iodide (H2S,...