Carlisle Companies Inc.

Carlisle Companies Inc.

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a diversified, global portfolio of niche brands and businesses with highly engineered and high margin products. Carlisle is committed to generating superior shareholder returns by combining a unique management style of decentralization, entrepreneurial spirit, active M&A, and a balanced approach to capital deployment, all with a culture of continuous improvement as embodied in the Carlisle Operating System. Carlisle’s markets include: commercial roofing, specialty polyurethane, agriculture, mining, construction, aerospace, defense, transportation, industrial, protective coating and auto refinishing. Carlisle’s worldwide team of employees generated $4.1 billion in net sales in 2017.

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16430 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 400 , Scottsdale , AZ 85254 USA
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Carlisle 2025 Vision

  • Drive above-market organic growth
  • Utilize COS consistently to drive efficiencies and operating leverage
  • Build scale with synergistic acquisitions in CCM, CIT and CFT
  • Continue to invest in and develop exceptional talent
  • Deploy over $3 billion into capital expenditures, share repurchases, and dividends

Mergers and acquisitions have been a driving force behind Carlisle’s sustained growth over our history, including 75 acquisitions in the past 30 years. In the past decade alone, we have deployed over $3.4 billion in order to build our four reporting segments. We strive to find solid companies with strong management teams. With our Carlisle Operating System (COS), we rapidly unlock the value of a new acquisition.

As evidenced by allocating nearly $1 billion into four acquisitions in 2017, including San Jamar (CFS), Arbo, Drexel Metals and Accella Performance Materials (CCM), we continue to deploy capital in pursuit of accretive M&A opportunities that are consistent with our strategic plans. In addition, the $670 million purchase of Accella was the largest acquisition in Carlisle's history, and adds a new platform for growth within the $15 billion global construction related polyurethane market. 

In 2018 we continue to reshape our portfolio and build scale through acquisitions, using a disciplined approach to pursuing assets with substantial organic growth potential and opportunities for significant, measurable synergies. C CM made the first steps in expanding its metal roofing platform created with our 2017 Drexel Metals acquisition, by acquiring two small but geographically important metal roofing companies. These additions will strengthen our metal roofing business in Colorado and Florida. At CIT, to further support our Aerospace sales efforts, we acquired a small but strategic U.K. based engineering and certification firm in the second quarter that will help accelerate share gains at European aerospace customers. And consistent with our desire to add focus to our portfolio, and redeploy our capital to faster growing segments, we exited the FoodService business in the first quarter at an attractive multiple.

We structure each acquisition carefully to meet the unique needs of both parties. Our decentralized operating structure preserves the strengths and independence of each business, while our global scope offers access to a wealth of resources, support and shared learnings. This balance positions our businesses to contribute to our shared purpose in unique and meaningful ways.

By offering access to capital and capturing synergies within our existing platforms, Carlisle Companies Incorporated's focused acquisition strategy will continue to drive shareholder value.

Carlisle Companies Inc. is committed to the highest ethical standards and conducting business throughout all of our operations with the highest level of integrity. It is through these efforts that we have earned the respect and trust of our shareholders, customers and employees.

The following documents adopted by Carlisle’s Board of Directors and its committees provide the framework within which we conduct business and by which every officer and employee of Carlisle is expected to be guided.

Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply ingrained in Carlisle’s culture. We are aware of the effects that the many decisions we make at Carlisle have for our people, our customers, the communities where we do business, our suppliers, our investors and the environment.

We are committed to continually finding ways to become more economically, socially and environmentally responsible, and in doing so, becoming a better global corporate citizen.

Going forward, we are committed to corporate responsibility and to finding new solutions to old problems. We will drive continuous improvement through our Carlisle Operating System.


At Carlisle, we strive to minimize our impact on the environment through the responsible management of our operations and natural resources without compromising the safety and quality of our products. We continually attempt to do more with less, to maximize the efficiencies of our facilities, processes and products with an eye toward protecting the environment, and reducing waste, emissions, and energy consumption.

We continue to be diligent in seeking ways to reduce the carbon footprint of all of our operations and products throughout the world. Some recent example of our drive for continuous improvement in this area include:

The consolidation of our Tulsa, Oklahoma Brake and Friction plant in 2017 into our Medina, Ohio facility will reduce our supply chain by 2,900 miles, eliminating an annual consumption of approximately 4,500 metrics tons of CO2.

In 2016, Carlisle SynTec Systems issued Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for our EPDM, TPO, PVC, and KEE HP single-ply roofing membranes. Created and verified in accordance with International Standard ISO 14025, EPDs summarize the ways in which a product affects the environment throughout its lifecycle.

All Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) companies strive to comply with the leading sustainable building rating systems, including Green Globes®, USGBC’s LEED®, and Living Building Challenge. Through third-party certification, CCM demonstrates its role as a leading producer of ENERGY STAR® rated roofing products and UL-ES Certified building components.

We begin 2017 with 15% of our factories ISO14001 certified. We will continue on our journey to attain this important certification for all of our operations around the globe over the coming years.


At Carlisle, we are committed to serving our businesses, our employees and the communities in which they work. We invest in the growth and development of our people and encourage them to give back to their communities.

Carlisle employees around the world take active roles in advancing causes close to their hearts, from charitable marathons to blood drives to fund raisers, we are proud of what our employees do to make a difference.

Carlisle Companies is a proud sponsor of Headstrong. Founded in 2012 in partnership with Weill Cornell Medical College, one of the nation’s leading mental health care centers, and with the help and direction of top clinicians in the country, Headstrong developed a comprehensive treatment program for post 9/11 veterans dealing with PTSD, Military Sexual Trauma, addiction, anxiety and depression, trauma, grief and loss, and anger management. Headstrong has identified the barriers already in place and, in a true military fashion, came up with effective solutions for eliminating them — by putting funding directly into the care of the veterans. Headstrong has eliminated hurdles that patients experience with existing programs by providing cost-free assistance with experienced clinicians and individualized care without the wait time and extensive forms.

We also partner with 44 universities in the United States and 7 outside the U.S., recruiting full-time, internships and co-op positions from the communities in which we work. In addition, we engage many of these universities in collaborative R&D and training efforts.