Carlton LED Lighting

Carlton LED Lighting

Carlton LED Lighting

Carlton LED Lighting is leading light in energy saving and efficient LED lighting, Carlton LED Lighting can help you cut your energy bills and your carbon footprint. A specialist in replacing energy inefficient and costly lighting systems, Carlton LED Lighting can help you to save up to 90 per cent on your lighting energy bills. By simply replacing your current lighting with Calton’s energy efficient LED lighting range, we can help you not only save money – but cut your carbon footprint and help to protect the Earth from global warming.

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Lawn Road Industrial Estate, Carlton in Lindrick, Worksop , Nottinghamshire , S81 9LB United Kingdom
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Supply replacement LED bulbs, spotlights, panel lights, tubes, high/low bays replacing existing lighting, highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly. No toxic mercury, UV or infrared rays, no flickering, buzzing, no ballast needed and 100% recyclable. Easy to install, replacing with LED’s make savings of between 60%-90% on your lighting bills.

Caps Explained
The part of the lamp that connects into the light fitting is generally known either as the “cap” or “base”. This provides the electrical contact and also often the physical location of the lamp. A vast variety of caps and bases exist in order to help make sure that only the correct type of lamp is used in any given fitting. This section shows many of the most popular fittings available.

Bayonet Cap
With its familiar “push and twist” action, “bayonet cap” (also known as BC or B22d) is used on most regular light bulbs. It is 22mm diameter and with two locating lugs.

The 'smallbayonet cap” (SBC or B15d) is very similar but only 15mm across.
Although generally used for mains voltage lamps, the SBC fitting can also be found in a very small number of specialist low voltage halogen lamps.

There are also many other “BC” variants including the 3-pin BC, B22d-3 sometimes used on Fireglow lamps but perhaps more commonly on high pressure mercury lamps for industrial applications. The BY22d is used on some low-pressure sodium (SOX) lamps.