Cascadia Eco Homes

Cascadia Eco Homes

Cascadia Ecohomes Limited is a Canadian-owned and operated company dedicated to sustainable living solutions. From affordable, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems to environmentally-friendly cleaning products, we aim to revolutionize the way Canadian homes and businesses are built and maintained. We know that both cost and environmental impact are important concerns when people make decisions about the type of homes they want to live in and the workplaces they are content to occupy. Our products are suited for houses, town homes, apartments, shops, restaurants and any other type of commercial building. Cascadia Ecohomes aims to provide real solutions for a healthy, comfortable, green lifestyle.

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7140 Kimberly Dr. , Richmond , British Columbia V7A 4S4 Canada
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Renewable Energy
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our Vision
We want to help people live not only a ‘zero-emission’ lifestyle but to take the further step towards a ‘minus-emission’ lifestyle. This means shifting from a wasteful society that consumes far more than it gives back to one that actually returns more to the earth than it takes and even begins to repair the damage already done.

Social Responsibility Policy
It is the policy of our company to:

  • educate and raise awareness of environmentally-friendly lifestyles
  • source everything we sell from suppliers with excellent environmental and labour standards
  • use products that not only have zero-impact on the earth, but actually work to heal the planet

Our 1,000 square foot model home, located in Richmond, B.C., is equipped with many of the components of our sustainable living solutions system. It is available for viewing by appointment.

Located at the corner of Steveston Hwy & Entertainment Blvd in Richmond BC. Hours : 09:00 - 17:00

FIRST System
FIRST stands for: Far Infrared Sustainable Thermal System. This is the core of the sustainable living solutions system. Using made-in-Japan technology, FIRST is a heating and cooling system that maintains a comfortable temperature in your home in a low-cost, environmentally-friendly way. With no forced-air, there is no need to position furniture away from ducts, no cold breeze, and the same temperature is maintained in every room in all seasons.

FIRST was certified by JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) after two years of research and trials. It is being used by major Japanese builders with substantial cost savings for new construction, and homeowners and businesses are enjoying greatly-reduced energy bills. Read more about FIRST here.

Solar Energy Panels
Our model home is fitted with 9 x 175 watt Sharp solar panels rated at 1.6 kilowatt hours of green electricity connected to a Xantrax invertor. On a yearly basis in Richmond, our system will produce on average of 1.83MW. Please click here to see live monitoring of the system power generation.

Wind Turbine
Installed on the peak of our model home roof is a 600 watt Southwest Windpower turbine. When it comes to small wind systems, no company is better positioned than Southwest Windpower. This Air Breeze AIR X generator is designed for years of maintenance-free operation and is designed for low wind speed locations providing added green power generation for our Eco home.

Heat Pump
When a heat pump is added to work in concert with the sustainable living solutions system, operating costs drop and energy efficiency increases. Over the longer term, substantial cost savings are realized.

Energy-Saving Glass Coast
Shuts out UV & Heat, also keeps bugs out. Low Cost, Easy to apply, Long Lasting Hard-Coat. Changes your existing window to Low-E Glass efficincy.

Self-Cleaning Coat
Super-Hydrophilic, Stain Resistant coating that oxidizes grimes and prevents static electricity. Easy to appy, Low cost, Maintenance-Free, Long Lasting hard-coat.

SPi , Super Plasma Ionizer
With no filter changes required, SPi eliminates 99% of harmful indoor air contaminants for 10 years. It eliminates 99% of influenza A, Corona/SARS, Mildew, Bacteria, MRSA, E.Coli, Allergens and Mold, and also neutralizes harmful active oxygen ions.