Casco Consulting Group LLC (CCG)

Casco Consulting Group LLC (CCG)

Casco Consulting Group LLC (CCG) is a Houston-based consulting firm that specializes in the provision of Risks, Crisis and Response Management services. The firm is regionally focused on servicing Latin America and the Caribbean Countries, and its clients include oil & gas companies, energy and utility companies, shipping companies, and government agencies.Having been deeply involved in many incident/event responses along Latin America and the Caribbean, CCG has developed the knowledge and experience to support enterprises in their journey to successfully address crisis situations as well as a promptly recovery. CCG’s products and services bring clients a wider offer on risk assessment, planning execution, training and exercises as well as response support in actual events.

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22942 Emily Trace Lane , Houston , Texas 77494 USA
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Business Type:
Consulting firm
Industry Type:
Environmental Management
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Casco Consulting Group LLC (CCG) is a Crisis and Continuity consulting firm based in Houston, Texas (USA) established in 2010. Its professional team is made of diverse knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field of Risk Assessment and Management, Crisis Management, Business Continuity Planning and Incident Response; including Oil Spill Response Planning and Management.

Our mission is to provide high quality risk, crisis and response management services to support our clients in their journey to successfully address and implement an effective “All Risk Management Organization”.

Our Vision is to be recognized as a high performance consulting firm within its area of expertise, as well as an essential partner to business resiliency and excellence.

CCG’s Team
Our advisory team has over 15 years of contingency planning experience, risk assessment experience and is experienced professional consultants. We have had direct hands on experience implementing and running incident management systems, doing training and conducting exercises. Within Latin America, we have trained thousands of people on Incident Command System, crisis management and business continuity planning, and running hundreds of tabletops and large exercises. Along its professional career our advisory team has held different challenging roles facing all kind of environments and diversified audiences.

We review customer experience, organization and assets, and the operational and business risk matrix to produce tangible, achievable results. We work clients to meet their needs and can work virtually or onsite. The bottom line? We want to help you streamline operations, reduce exposure, and gain resilience.