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  • Environmental Monitoring Tools

    Casper’s environmental monitoring tools are designed to help airport monitor and analyze the impact of aircraft movements on the environment. This includes of course measuring noise values around the airport, but noise management is more than just monitoring noise. More and more it is all about monitoring aircraft movements. This not only includes analyzing tracks in relation to noise preferential corridors, but also checking against specific areas, gates or CDA procedures. Casper Nois

  • Casper - Airport Noise Monitor Hardwares

    Casper - Airport Noise Monitor Hardwares

    The Casper Airport NMT offers a range of functions designed around airport noise monitoring. The noise monitor is designed to be installed outside for a long period of time. For that reason, it is very important that measurements are reliable, maintenance is low, real-time system monitoring and alert functions are available and all data is available in real-time. To monitor airport noise compliance and noise impact on communities, the Casper Airport...