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  • Cyclofilters


    They are mainly used for industries that produce large quantities of dust, and they can be used to prevent pollution problems on premises, and can play a part in a production process. Removal of the dust and shavings produced by a machine tool enables improvement of its production. In particular, the new generations’ design features improved circulation of dusty air within the cyclofilter’s confines. The filter cartridge’s head loss...

  • Model CGS/HC/GC - Cyclones

    Model CGS/HC/GC - Cyclones

    Its performance depends on the rotational speed of the particles, their density and their particle size. With 99.9 % green sawdust, the separation percentage is much lower when what is involved is dust about 5 microns in size. Made from 2 mm thick sheet steel, with an orientable air outlet bend fitted with a visor for protecting it from the rain, along with an adjustment valve.

  • Oil Mist Filters

    Oil Mist Filters

    This system will mainly be implemented in industrial applications for machining metals whenever machine tools use lubrication and cooling fluids. Using lubrication or cooling fluids for machining metals has given rise to new provisions relating to workplace hygiene and safety which impose increasingly efficient oil mist filters.

  • Silos


    The Silo is used for storing powdered materials. It complies with current standards. It is fitted with explosion vents tested by INERIS (the French National Institute for Study of Industrial Environments and Risks) in accordance with the ATEX directive, in order to prevent the risks of an explosion.

  • Centrifugal Fans

    Centrifugal Fans

    The Cattin Filtration range of centrifugal fans can solve all dust removal and pneumatic transport problems under very different conditions and in extreme climates, continually offering you a better performance/price ratio. Only Cattin Filtration’s experience guarantees you the best choice. Transport fans for transporting all types of non-fibrous particles, and especially dust, sawdust and wood shavings. Clean air fans for transporting the...

  • Standardised Pipes

    Standardised Pipes

    We offer various types of pipes depending on your specific needs. For pneumatic transport, industrial dust removal, and ventilation networks. Automatic laser welding and robotised MIG welding providing outstanding quality and a perfect seal. Assembly using a stainless steel collar or steel flange.

  • Centralised Pipes

    Centralised Pipes

    This extraction solution is an alternative to a cleaning system using blowing, in order to ensure a healthy work environment and enable compliance with the work station exposure limit values. This principle is generally recommended by CARSAT (the Regional Retirement and Work Health Insurance Offices).