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Cee-environmental and its staff have over 20 years experience bringing technological expertise in the industrial world to important decision makers, Industrial professionals, leading regional managers and key local Government officials. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive business development tool designed to establish both direct and indirect sales channels across Environmental technology within Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) market . Cee-environmental is the Environmental technology division for the CEE Region of Europa Sources which specializes in Specific Industrial B2B platforms for emerging markets such as Central and Eastern Europe and the Bric region for countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China

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Ulica Wolnosci 56A , Jelenia Gora , 58-560 Poland
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Publishing company
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Internationally (various countries)

Cee-Environmental is a Business information portal for professionals in the Environmental industry who are looking to find Business opportunities in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We to link Companies from CEE to suppliers of Environmental technology and Services from Western Europe, USA and Asia, more than just a marketplace but a resource to educate Environmental companies in developments as well as Business opportunities across this fast growth market. We have over 24 years’ experience in helping companies from a wide range of industries develop their business with in Russia and Central Eastern Europe. Our Databases provide an un-rivaled partner search program where we can match companies to key buyers and potential partners and agents across Russia and CEE.

Whether you are a manufacturer of Environmental technology or a Service provider Cee-Environmental delivers your information to the Central Eastern European region putting you on the desk of Trade Partners, Distributors, importers, potential agents, key government officials, municipal purchasing officials and leading environmental industry professionals across CEE. We understand this market and the frustrations faced by company's dealing with CEE so our experience is there for you to use through our support network and offices across this market.

Cee-Environmental is more than an online marketplace! But a portal of information for the Environmental Industry enabling you to stay in touch with opportunities & changes taking place with in the fast growth CEE region.

Our clients have comprehensive access to news, facts and market intelligence giving them a full perspective of opportunities in this region. We work with companies of all sizes whatever their  experience form large multi-nationals to small-scale family run businesses. Whether you already have a strong network in Central and Eastern Europe or these are your first steps, we are confident that we can add value to your business in this rapidly emerging Environmental technology market.



Your full contact information  will be added with links to you website, email address along with your company logo. If you have any local offices or local partners within the CEE region then these will also be added to your Overview on Cee-environmental.com .You can include your full company profile and brief introduction to our site in English and the CEE languages that our site supports. We can add up to 16 product images within your Overview with a brief product description alongside each image, these will be in English and the 8 CEE Languages. We can also include your companies other Marketing material such as your company catalogues, static presentations, flash movie presentation and PR press releases in English and also the eight CEE languages that our site supports. You have your own choice of keywords in English and the 8 CEE languages that provides fast and effective searches within our website search engine.

Database linking sellers to buyers and buyers to sellers

Since 1990, we have compiled a comprehensive database of companies' information and market intelligence from the CEE region and we have available over 220 000 company profiles for you to use for your own sales and marketing teams. You simply inform us of the type of partners you are looking for in order for us to modify your partner search to match it to your needs.

Visit our database section to complete a questionnaire that will assist you with this matching process or click here. If you are a potential buyer, distributor or potential Agent then this services is free of charge if you would like us to match your requirements to potential manufactures of the required products.

Helpline/Call centre service

When dealing with any emerging markets, knowledge is power so with our extensive experience we have built up a wealth of insight working within the Environmental technology world of Central and Eastern Europe. We can help you overcome any problems you encounter in doing business and help qualify the leads that we generate. You can also use our news network to build up your understanding of changes that are taking place in the market.

Flash Movie Commercials

We have one of the leading design houses working with us who create up to 3-minute movie commercials tailor-made to fit your needs. These will be hosted on our site at no extra cost and to give you the flexibility you need we will give you the copy write so you can use the movie anywhere you like. Many of our clients go on to use these at exhibitions and various other marketing campaigns; We also design static presentations as you require them.

Google Qualified

Our qualified Google individual keyword optimizers who can create customized Adword campaigns by taking the keywords most relevant to your product headings in English and the CEE local Languages and register these on a GOOGLE ADwords campaign within that country. Each Google Ad placement will be linked back to your Overview and presentation on Cee-environmental.


On joining Cee-environmental your companies Overview and keyword phrases will be search engine optimize to all the major search engines ensuring better exposure of you company across the internet.


We organize conferences in leading cities within Central and Eastern Europe inviting keynote speakers, captains of the Environmental industry, leading CEO's and decision makers within the top importers, distributors, end users, key government officials in charge of Industry within CEE. This is by invitation only and normally only available to our long-term clients to make use of this excellent networking opportunity.

121 Meetings

Cee-environmental can help arrange local meetings and events for our clients providing you with whatever support you need to save time and most importantly bring you positive results.

Press releases

Once the project is up and running we will issue a press release on major PR sites. Your press releases will also be featured within your overview and on our press release section.


Cee-environmental attends various leading exhibitions to promote the services and website to our partners target audience. We use these to gather market intelligence on changes taking place in the market, which helps us advise our customers about the best ways to deal with the ever changing Central and Eastern European market.