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  • U.S. Continuing Education-4 CE Credits

  • Proficient with Rad Elec E-PERM System

    Proficient with Rad Elec E-PERM System

    A comprehensive program describing the proper use of Electret Ion Chambers as manufactured by Rad Elec. The course consists of a video available online, a course manual describing key operational features of the EPERM system, as well as an opportunity to test your knowledge and skills in calculating results via online questions. This course provides the required educational component of the Rad Elec Manufacturer Certification...

  • Radon from a Physicians Perspective

    Radon from a Physicians Perspective

    This is a round table discussion by radon subject matter experts and Doctors of Osteopathy discussing the health effects of radon exposure and options for including advice and information to patients. The format includes audio instruction over a PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Interviews with Radon Experts

    Interviews with Radon Experts

    This audio-based home study course provides you with an easy-to-use format of recorded phone interviews with respected experts in the field providing valuable information and insight to the radon industry.

  • Radon Control Methods

    Radon Control Methods

    Video based course designed to familiarize building code officials and radon mitigation approaches and aspects of Appendix F of the building code as it applies to radon resistant new construction.

  • Addressing Radon Decay Products

    Addressing Radon Decay Products

    This course, approved by the NRPP for 4 educational CE credits, expands the radon measurement professional's skills beyond testing residential structures to be able to take advantage of the expanding market of conducting surveys in large buildings such as schools and apartment buildings.Testing large buildings entails a lot more than taking using more test devices. It is necessary to be able to convey to the client why multiple locations need to be...