The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE) is a leading advising organization & a Think Tank with offices in Athens, Chicago and Brussels specialized in providing sustainable development solutions to various corporations and institutions. It represents the outcome of the cooperation between experts and scientists, who deal with, apply and provide support in the most advanced practical methodologies towards sustainability, while adhering to social and environmental criteria. Through its network of international partners, CSE offers coaching in a vast array of advising services promoting Sustainability and Excellence to Organizations, Society and Governments.

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From Commitment to Results

Why have over 80 organizations from Europe, North America and Middle East  trusted CSE for their Sustainability (CSR) journey?

Established in 2004, early entry into the international sustainability (CSR) services market distinguishes CSE as a leading global sustainability (CSR) consulting, coaching, and training firm. CSE is a boutique firm that  assists clients to achieve higher performance, build brand loyalty and innovate through the continuous integration of sustainability principles into their culture, products and/or services.

CSE’s public and private sector clients benefit from our expertise in serving diverse sectors, markets and organizational cultures in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Worldwide Activities Include: Projects, Conferences, Workshops and various other activities. Cities marked in yellow represent CSE Offices.

Worldwide Activities (Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Great Britain, Spain, Luxemburg, Italy, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan , Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan)

Include: Projects, Conferences, Workshops and various other activities.

Cities marked in yellow (Chicago, Brussels, Athens) represent CSE Offices

Integrated Consulting Services from A to Z

Our services and web tools are designed to assist business and organizational leaders to understand and meet evolving international standards and frameworks, such as: the United Nations Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Green House Gas Protocol, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI.), ISO 26000 guidelines and other local and international guidelines.

CSE believes that investment in human capital through education, training and coaching is the single most important determinant of future value for any size organization.

Most of our clients choose to obtain the training workshops or orientation needed to fully engage their internal teams to implement their integrated sustainability (CSR) processes.

Choose CSE if

  • You want to avoid working with a variety of different firms on complex sustainability topics  
  • You want to avoid avoid the high prices by of big firms
  • You want to avoid unreliable Indices or non credible consulting methodologies
  • You want to integrate all sustainability (CSR) aspects in your strategy and supply chain
  • You want high specialization and understanding of different cultures and legislation across North America, Europe and Middle East for your different corporate divisions
  • You want to measure success of your activities including high customer engagement and employee motivation
  • You want to walk the talk…avoid green washing and risk your brand image reputation

Pioneering in CSR trainings

Over 5,000 professionals have completed our global workshops which provide a comprehensive overview of global sustainability (CSR) reporting frameworks such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and indexes including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). CSE also offers a suite of sustainability (CSR) training services that can be customized to align with your organizational culture and priorities.

CSE is accredited by IEMA  to provide global trainings to CSR professionals and is also a GRI certified training provider and stakeholder. We have trained and coached over 5,000 professionals from five continents  through on-site, online and group training services in areas such as: certified corporate social responsibility, carbon footprint analysis, life cycle analysis and climate change leadership.

Through Leadership

Additionally, CSE raises sustainability awareness among business communities by hosting roundtables since 2007 CSE has communed sustainability thought leaders in NY, Atlanta, Washington, Brussels, Athens, Dubai, London, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with distinguished speakers from the Public and Private Sectors as well as Academia.


CSR Europe awarded CSE  for its Sustainability Scorecard and integration project with Lloyds Banking group in 2007.
CSE President, Nikos Avlonas, was recognized by Trust Across America as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders In Trustworthy Business Behavior in 2010.

  • Since 2004,CSE is recognized as a leading strategic advisory firm offering integrated sustainability (CSR ) and carbon management solutions in Europe, the Middle East and North America
  • Depth of experience across sectors working with FT 500 companies and organizations with cross-cultural and cross-functional delivery expertise
  • The only firm to offer Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) accreditation, a global professional certification for Sustainability (CSR) Practitioners.
  • CSE has trained over 5,000 professionals globally
  • Integrated sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) solutions from GRI Assessment and Reporting to LCA and Carbon Reduction
  • International roundtables and thought leadership circles to inform professional communities about the Sustainability Business Case.
  • Strong expertise  in diverse industrial and service sectors  including Financial, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food and Beverage, Chemical, Universities, Energy and others
  • Cost effective solutions built on CSE’s agile network model of specialized environmental, engineering and marketing partners
  • CSE walks the talk as it is one of the first consulting firms globally to issue an annual sustainability Report internal sustainability policies and implement awareness initiatives such as the Green Academy for young entrepreneurs

Please see below our advanced methodology for Sustainable (CSR) integration.

Please see below our advanced methodology for Sustainable (CSR) integration.

  • Step Awareness and Training: CSE provides training  to  Sustainability Task in order to have a common understanding on sustainability(CSR)
  • Step Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement: CSE support organization to map its key and secondary stakeholders identifying risks and opportunities for engagement. Stakeholder engagement is important for organizations sustainable growth
  • Step Sustainability Assessment: CSE  carry on an annual  Sustainability Assessment identifying current strengths, areas for improvements and risks.CSE will use one of the international guidelines such as GRI, ISO 26000, UN Global Compact, GHG protocol (Carbon Footprint  ) and or other guidelines
  • Step Sustainability Goals and Strategy: CSE  supports organization to set appropriate  goals and create an action plan for all sustainability (CSR ) key pillars  in order to increase its competitive advantage . Sustainability Strategy  is a core element for success
  • Step Sustainability Reporting: CSE supports organization to address all key material  areas that should  included in the Sustainability Report and provides external verification and  stakeholder communication as an option. CSE use GRI guidelines as a key tool for the creation of the Sustainability Reporting.