Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc.

Ceres provides professional management and superb construction services throughout the United States, Caribbean, Pacific and New Zealand. We are dedicated to improving communities and helping them recover from disasters. With our strong bonding capacity and exceptional record of performance, Ceres undertakes projects from $1 million to major missions like the post-Hurricane Katrina Recovery approaching $1 billion.

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3825 85th Ave N. , Brooklyn Park , Minnesota 55443 USA
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Service provider
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Environmental Management
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Internationally (various countries)

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Ceres has managed more than $1.7 billion in contracts over the past ten years, ranging from mega-contracts with FEMA after Hurricane Katrina to supervising debris recycling operations for the Haitian Ministry of Public Works after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Ceres also executes design/build and direct construction of civil and environmental projects - including dams, levees, flood control works, water/waste water and utility infrastructure - aimed at mitigating natural disasters and improving our environment.

As a company dedicated to a sustainable environment and eco-friendly practices, Ceres is an industry leader in innovative recycling programs for arboriculture, construction and demolition debris recycling, and responsible environmental remediation. The company has successfully completed operations in almost every state in the U.S., including Hawaii, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. Ceres also works internationally in locations such as Greenland, Ascension Island, Antigua and Haiti.

Throughout our 34-year history, Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has first and foremost been committed to performing all of our projects ethically and with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. also strives to be a leader in the industry, developing innovative recycling techniques for a variety of waste streams including construction /demolition waste, and contaminated vegetative storm debris waste.

The foundation of this company is the many talented and dedicated professionals who have helped to shape and grow this company over the past 34 years. The varied services of this company are directly linked to the varied capabilities, expertise and talents of our personnel. With personnel across the United States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. is well-staffed to rapidly respond to any size project, anywhere. We have successfully responded to missions requiring rapid mobilization and ramp-up with more than 1500 full-time, part-time, and temporary personnel and thousands of subcontractor personnel.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has performed emergency work contracts of less than $25,000 and up to $1 billion.  Our experience makes us a superb choice for cities and counties that need the security of a proven company.  Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has frequently been selected through an RFP process for hurricane and disaster recovery, as well as large demolition projects contracted by the US Air Force, Navy, and Army.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. provides services in the following areas:

  • Emergency Management
  • Demolition
  • Infrastructure, Heavy Civil and Flood Protection Construction
  • Debris Removal
  • Debris Reduction and Recycling
  • Waste / Wastewater Conveyance / Treatment
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Wood Waste Recycling
  • Hazardous Waste Recycling
  • Decontamination
  • Snow Removal

Our mission is to provide the highest standard or quality services to the Disaster Debris Removal, Construction, Demolition, Wood Waste Recycling, Wood Grinding, Snow Removal, and Environmental industry in order to meet and exceed our clients’ needs, on a national and international level.  We take pride in doing excellent work, and we are eager to fill a specialty role for our client governmental agencies when they encounter a situation outside their normal scope of operations.

Ceres, and all its business units, is wholly committed to providing our services in a responsible manner – one that will protect and sustain our environment, positively contribute to the communities within which we operate, create a positive economic impact to the area, and enhance the local environment and contribute toward enhanced public safety while being cognizant of resource management. The way we do business now and into the future will be our legacy, both professionally and personally.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. supports and promotes local small business ventures, utilizing such businesses in support of our services wherever possible, and frequently partnering with small or disadvantaged business entities to promote their growth in the industry.

“Sustainability is equity over time … think of it as extending the Golden rule through time… Do unto future generations as you would have them do unto you.” — Robert Gilman

This responsible and sustainable business approach also extends to ensuring our services are performed in a manner that will be injury and incident free; this philosophy includes all of our operational bases and project locations and extends to our customers, suppliers, and subcontractors. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. strives to conduct all its operations in a manner that will:

  • Identify, eliminate or control hazards that may result in injury or illness
  • Manage incidents that do occur so as to minimize their harmful effects and prevent recurrence
  • Strive to promote safe and environmentally sound practices in all our endeavors;
  • Empower each of our personnel so that, working collectively, we are able to achieve these goals.