CETaqua, Centro Tecnológico del Agua

CETaqua, Centro Tecnológico del Agua

CETaqua, Centro Tecnológico del Agua

CETaqua, Technological Water Centre, is a not-for profit organitzation, integrating and managing research, technological development and innovation in the field of water, especially in the urban cycle with national and international vocation. CETaqua Water Technology Centre is a private foundation which centres its research, development and innovation projects on the entire water cycle. Research areas include: alternative water resources, impact of global change, efficient infrastructure management, health and the environment, water and energy, and water demand. CETaqua’s success is based on collaborative research, combining the efforts of the private, public and academic spheres. Its research projects aim to provide companies, society and governments with innovative and sustainable solutions to face environmental and technological issues at each step of the water cycle.

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Carretera d`Esplugues, 75 , Cornellà de Llobregat , Spain 08940 Spain
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Business Type:
Research institute
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:


Being a benchmark technology centre in the creation of knowledge and development of technologies linked to the integral water cycle at regional, national and international level.


  • Promoting synergies between the various technology centres in the sector at regional, national and international level.
  • Creating knowledge in the field of new technologies linked to the integral water cycle
  • Influencing R&D and innovation strategies in the sector at regional/national and international level
  • Disseminating the knowledge generated in R&D and innovation projects
  • Carrying out development and innovation projects with high added industrial value
  • Promoting research projects with universities and government research centres


  • Quality: Scientific rigour in the performance and management of projects Innovation: A bridge between knowledge and technology development
  • Size: We promote the performance of large-scale projects
  • Sustainability: Our vocation is to facilitate dialogue between science, technology and society in three key areas: social, economic and environmental
  • Social responsibility: We work on projects addressing current issues in the world of water
  • Technology: We focus on projects with a large technological component

Our activities focus on:

  • Promoting R&D and innovation: Contributing to global public and private efforts, investing in major projects and taking advantage of the opportunities offered by public funds;
  • Strengthening cooperation networks: Detecting synergies with other bodies, contributing to and leading, in so far as possible, Spanish and international networks;
  • Striving for efficiency in R&D activities: Offering a response to real problems, establishing our Centre as a benchmark in the production and dissemination of scientific research results, promoting the transfer of those results to companies and to society at large.
  • Internationalization: Expanding the geographic sphere of our activities to cover European countries and other countries with a climate similar to that of the  Mediterranean region.

CETaqua, the Water Technology Centre, was established by Agbar, the Catalan Polytechnic University (UPC) and the Spanish Higher Scientific Research Council (CSIC) with the aim of promoting, performing, disseminating and transferring research, technological development and innovation in the integral water cycle.

We seek to offer innovative solutions to business, society and government for resolving environmental and technological problems linked to the management of the integral water cycle.

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We have grown, and will continue to grow – we grow by innovating.