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  • Environmental Products - GCL

    CETCO is the world’s leading supplier of Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCLs) and has a full range of products to address design challenges such as hydrostatic pressure, shear strength, and chemical compatibility. CETCO engineered solutions can provide a product that will provide performance and value for containment applications.

  • CETCO - Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) Materials

    CETCO - Solidification/Stabilization (S/S) Materials

    For in-situ and ex-situ treatment of contaminated soil and sediment and aqueous waste. Additives to improve the performance of cement-based mix designs. In situ S/S treatment can be more cost-effective and more protective of human health and the environment than traditional dig-and-haul remedies. In situ S/S treatment minimizes excavation and the associated release of volatiles, eliminating the additional costs of landfill disposal. CETCO provides...

  • ORGANOCLAY - Organic Adsorption Media for Environmental Remediation Applications

    ORGANOCLAY - Organic Adsorption Media for Environmental Remediation Applications

    The ORGANOCLAY product line is a range of proprietary adsorption media that is highly effective in removing oils, greases and other high molecular weight, low solubility organic compounds from aqueous streams. The ORGANOCLAY products are specialty sorbents, altered to an organophilic state making them attractive to organic molecules.

  • Sediment Capping Technologies

    Sediment Capping Technologies

    Solutions for in-situ capping of contaminated sediments. CETCO provides a range of solutions for remediation of contaminated sediments. Contaminants may be treated in-situ, reducing risks and project costs. Depending on the site conditions traditional sand caps may prove unfeasible, or result in an excessively thick design. Sediment capping technologies provided by CETCO address concerns about navigation, placement, biointrusion and flow patterns....

  • Resistex - Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    Resistex - Geosynthetic Clay Liners

    RESISTEX is a polymer-modified bentonite GCL that is engineered to provide the highest level of chemical compatibility for hydraulic barrier performance in extremely aggressive leachate environments.

  • Bentomat - Geosynthetic Clay Liner

    Bentomat - Geosynthetic Clay Liner

    BENTOMAT Geosynthetic Clay Liners available in a wide range of configurations, meeting your project requirements. When designing with GCLs, engineers should consider shear strength, hydraulic performance and chemical compatibility in order to assure a stable, long-lasting and high-performing liner system. BENTOMAT can be configured with various components in order to ensure maximum value and performance. Not all projects have the same performance...

  • FLUORO-SORB - Adsorbent Media for the Remediation and Removal of PFAS

    FLUORO-SORB - Adsorbent Media for the Remediation and Removal of PFAS

    FLUORO-SORB adsorbent is a proprietary, NSF-certified product designed to globally support remediation efforts surrounding per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Unlike other sorbent products that are selective and unpredictable in adsorbing PFAS, FLUORO-SORB adsorbent binds the entire spectrum of PFAS (including PFOA, PFOS, PFHxS and PFNA) efficiently and in a wide variety of removal and remediation processes. With a specially...

  • Volclay - Bentonite Soil Sealants

    Volclay - Bentonite Soil Sealants

    Using bentonite to create a soil liner. VOLCLAY bentonite soil sealants are granular and powder sodium bentonite that provides economical, low permeability soil liners for a wide variety of containment applications. When VOLCLAY bentonite soil sealants are mixed with soil and hydrated, they expand to fifteen times in volume, forming a mechanical bond with surrounding soils and filling the voids between the soil particles. This creates a barrier that...