CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

CEVKA Construction Co. Ltd.

Maintaining its achievements since 2005, CEVKA İnşaat has become a brand in the environmental construction sector, combining quality & customer satisfaction in one pot. We are a medium sized well organizes corporate in the field of landfill technologies. Today, CEVKA İnşaat adopts a quality policy exceeding its own standards at every long stage of each process; starting from construction processes to gas process. The company has significant experience know-how especially enlarge scale landfill construction projects.

Company details

İskenderpaşa Mah. Horhor Cad. Paksoy Apt. 24/4 , Fatih/Istanbul , 34080 Turkey
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Construction & Construction Materials
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Our Services;

  • Landfill Construction with considering local regulations
  • Rehabilitation of old landfills
  • Installation of Leak Detection Systems
  • Gas Pumping Trial
  • Liquid Containing Ponds

Regarding to our services we supply following materials;

  • Geomembrane
  • Geotextile
  • Composite
  • Geogrid
  • Clay
  • Bentonite
  • Sand and Stone
  • Leachate Collection Pipes
  • Flayer
  • Leak Detection System Equipments
  • Required labor, vehicle, equipment and engineering services

CEVKA Construction company serves to municipalities and the private sector in Turkey about solid waste and waste water treatment systems and supplies related best materials from the world market, uses the latest technology in construction machinery and equipment with the help of job security and environment.

to become leader in the industry of Environmental construction sector in Near East and Turkey

As a pioneer institution in the sector in terms of information and quality, which makes crucial contribution to its country, is conscious of its responsibilities for the society and the environment, adopts sustainable growth as a life style, our target is to present supplied products and services, which will ensure the greatest benefit for our customers, as the best solution partner and to ensure constant customer satisfaction.

Reducing our costs, increasing our long-term profitability, keeping our future safe can be ensured if we work with our employees within the framework of collaboration and trust.

Therefore our aim is to supply sustainable quality conscious in all of our work fields


  • Sustain and update our work experiment,
  • Compute all technological developments in the sector inform and train employees
  • Observe price-productivity of supplied product and services, investigate the development of the sector and update services and products with considering the developments.
  • Continue to sustainable measure and improvement activities is the base of our Quality Policy.

Sustainable use of resources and environmental protection and minimize the negative effects of our need to take measures, is an integral part of our business. To this end, our central office and an active construction site in our 'Environmental Management System' are implemented, our systems are reviewed periodically and continuously improve our environmental performance are working.

This purpose:

  • Environment-related local and national laws and regulations are obeyed,
  • Electricity, fuel and water consumption of natural resources such as the use of mitigating measures are taken,
  • Activities that occur during the solid, liquid and gas waste our mitigating measures are taken, re-use or recycling facilities to be implemented are working.
  • Activities that may occur during an accident or emergency occurs, at least to the level of environmental damage in the planned measures will be applied.
  • To achieve success in the environmental field for all employees and individual responsibility is to bring awareness training will be subjected to.

All employees in our company, this policy will work cooperatively to achieve the target.

Employee health is the assurance of sustainable work. Hence CEVKA applies Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS-18001), review periodically and monitor the performance for continuous improvement. 

For this purpose;

  • Health and Safety issues related to all local and national laws, regulations and standards are followed,
  • Occupational Diseases, Health and Safety risks are evaluated and protective precautions are taken.
  • All hazards are destroyed in its source with the attendance of all employees. Zero occupational illness and work accident are targeted.
  • We develop systems which cause min loss in a potential accident or emergency state may occur during the work activities. 
  • Our employees are encouraged and trained about Occupational health and safety.

All employees in our work place, works to achieve the following objectives by working in partnership and take the necessary precautions.

Recruitment Process in ÇEVKA İnşaat may be defined as recruiting for the vacant positions with the candidates having the most appropriate technical and behavioral features to satisfy the compliance with the policies, targets and culture of the company.

First of all vacant position is announced from ÇEVKA İnşaat web page and related press. Appropriate candidates are selected from these applications and call for first interview than second interview. Then position is offered to the candidate found satisfactory in both interviews.

Job applications to ÇEVKA İnşaat can be done via one of the following: e-mail, by the recommendation of a ÇEVKA employee, or by a visit. The applications are then classified and recorded into Human Resources Data-base of ÇEVKA and are kept there for 1 year to be evaluated for any possible future employment requirements.