Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co.,Ltd

Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co.,Ltd

Changsha Friend Experimental Analysis Instrument Co.,Ltd

Changsha Flanders Experimental Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer established by the elites of China`s analytical instrument industry to develop, produce and sell oil analysis instruments. The products are suitable for petroleum, electric power, chemical, scientific research, quality inspection and colleges and other related industries. Since its inception, Flanders has been adhering to the `artisan spirit` of Chinese and Western industrial civilization, constantly carving its own products, constantly improving its own crafts, keeping abreast of market demands, and striving to create new management models and new products to satisfy customers. Growing use needs.

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Building 6, Block A, Industrial Park, Phase I, No. 169, Huizhi Middle Road, Changsha High-tech Devel , Jindaoyuan , China
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Laboratory Equipment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

For the long-term competitiveness of the company, Flanders has always been committed to the independent research and development of new products, to increase the added value of products, and to enhance the brand reputation as a guarantee for the continuation of the company's vitality. We are committed to building a globally recognized brand in the field of analytical instruments and become a respected provider of instruments and services.

Flanders has always adhered to the strategy of developing business alliances with its customers, actively integrating its superior resources, pursuing excellent product quality, and pragmatically seeking new attitudes to provide professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.
'Fulland is the king of the incense; Germany is in line' Flanders will practice every commitment to customers with a firm pace!

Changsha Flanders Experimental Analytical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional oil analysis instrument solution provider in China. It is a professional oil analysis instrument manufacturer that introduces venture capital in China, and is committed to providing more innovative products to enterprise users. solution.

Innovative Flanders
Innovation comes from a vision; vision is as you see it.

The Flanders have made great efforts to understand the needs of customers after three years of market research and in-depth analysis of various fields of oil analysis. Successfully developed a fully automatic (open/closed) flash point tester with automatic knowledge products, a fully automatic kinematic viscosity tester, a fully automatic distillation tester, a fully automatic gasoline induction tester, and a fully automatic lubricating oil rotary oxygen bomb test. A series of instruments, such as instrument and portable octane meter, have filled many domestic blanks and won the trust and appreciation of customers.

Flanders' business philosophy is: nurturing, cherishing and caring for employees, allowing Flanders to realize their full potential; adhering to the principles of honesty, diligence, cultivating and pragmatism; endless pursuit of product quality, service and innovation;

Craft Flanders
Based on product design, Flanders has also made remarkable achievements in many fields such as ergonomics, energy saving, electrical safety, product automation, and practicality of operation.

Company vision
Thanks to the help of technology, innovative inventions make our work easier and more enjoyable. When all kinds of factors are completely combined, we can make full use of our potential. Therefore, Flander never ceases to pursue innovation and moves toward an international modern enterprise.
Mission and value
 Adhering to the 'artisan spirit' of Chinese and Western industrial civilization, we continue to sculpt our own products, continuously improve our own processes, keep abreast of market demands, and strive to create new management models and new products to meet the growing needs of customers.
Implement our mission and love our technology
Technology is at the heart of Flanders, as we continue to invest in the world's advanced research and development to deliver innovative products that are personal and corporate leadership trends.
Quality first, never compromise
 High quality is an important insistence for Flanders, reviewing quality management and details from time to time in every process, in order to allow Flanders customers to enjoy cost-effective high-quality solutions.
Long-term relationship
Flanders has always adhered to the strategy of developing a business alliance with its clients, and we are convinced that partners can grow with Flanders at all stages. Maintaining a good relationship with our business partners is the key to our continued success in all aspects.

  • driven by values
  • driven by a sense of mission
  • driven by dreams
  • driven by the spirit of never giving up

All Flanders employees have the goal of working together and learning from growth and courage to accept challenges. That is to say, the company is working hard to complete the mission, and expects every customer to enjoy the convenience brought by technological innovation.