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  • Refuge Shelters

  • Inflatable Mine Refuge Shelter

    Inflatable Mine Refuge Shelter

    The MSHA approved LifeShelter is a rugged, portable, powerless inflatable refuge shelter that provides 96 hours of breathable air, food and water for up to 34 people. Since ChemBio is the original inventor and patent holder of over 1,600 licensed shelters in the field, it enables us to provide the lowest cost shelter alternative to the mining industry.

  • Expectation Training Shelter

    Expectation Training Shelter

    The ChemBio Training Shelter gives the mine operator the luxury of conducting the hands-on annual expectation training required under MSHA’s 30 CFR75.1504(c)(3). It is available in either a skid or trailer mounted version and contains samples of all the supplies that is in the inflatable LifeShelter. Tent inflation is provided by a 110 volt blower. Once the shelter is deployed miners can simulate all functions of a real shelter.

  • Safe Air Borehole Blower

    Safe Air Borehole Blower

    The “Safe Air” System delivers up to 1,250 CFM of air down a borehole to either Built In Place Shelters or Mobile Refuge Shelters and provides enough air for up to 100 miners

  • Modular Refuge Shelter

    Modular Refuge Shelter

    The ChemBio Modular Hardshell shelter is built in 5’ sections and assembled in the mine. A purgeable airlock is built in one end while the other end contains oxygen cylinders and supplies for up to 96 hours or longer if connected to mine air.

  • Confined space/Barricade Kit

    Confined space/Barricade Kit

    The ChemBio confined space/barricade kit provides O2, passive CO2 scrubbing and O2 monitoring for 6 hours in enclosed or confined spaces. Custom kits are available for multiple people up to 96 hours.

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Scrubber

  • Enviro - Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing Curtain

    Enviro - Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing Curtain

    The Enviro-Curtain is your solution to removing CO2 in mine refuge shelters, barricaded areas or sealed confined spaces, using safe soda lime (not lithium hydroxide) for removing CO2.

  • Molecular Products Sofnolime

    Molecular Products Sofnolime

    ChemBio offers the Molecular Products Sofnolime in 44 lb kegs or 7 lb vacuum packed foil pouches. Sofnolime (Soda Lime) is used to absorb CO2.  ChemBio keeps large quantities of the kegs in stock available for sale.

  • Part

  • High Pressure Valve with Gauge

    High Pressure Valve with Gauge

    The ChemBio high pressure valve can be used for oxygen or air up to 5,000 psi. The integrated gauge port allows the user to read the pressure without opening the valve.

  • High Pressure Cylinders

    High Pressure Cylinders

    ChemBio has hundreds of used Taylor Wharton Oxygen and Air 4,500 Cylinders in stock. Most cylinders were purchased new within the past 5 years. They are available with Sherwood brass 347 or 701 valve with 3/4-14 NGT oversize threads.

  • High Pressure Gauge

    High Pressure Gauge

    ChemBio has 7,500 psi gauges in stock.  The specifications are as follows: