ChemDAQ, Inc.

ChemDAQ, Inc.

ChemDAQ Inc. designs, manufactures and sells gas detection systems for occupational safety to diverse markets such as healthcare, medical device manufacturing and the food and beverage industries. We are your comprehensive solution provider including continuous monitoring, both area monitoring and personal monitoring, data recording, and unparalleled technical support. Our flagship product- Steri-Trac provides continuous area monitoring where you need it most. Each Steri-Trac monitor is a fully functioning gas detection instrument with large, easy to understand displays and customer configurable alarms. Complementing Steri-Trac, we offer a number of peripherals which enables us to customize your design to fit your unique facility needs.

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300 Business Center Drive Suite 330 , Pittsburgh , PA 15205 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Up to 32 Steri-Trac monitors can be connected to the DAQ® Data Acquisition System. By using a DAQ users can create a multiple gas monitoring system for data collection and storage as well as tracking time-weighted averages such as OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits.

SafeCide™, our newest product is a fully portable, tablet-based system designed to perform spot checks at critical junctures. SafeCide also provides a second mode of operation that is used for personal monitoring or leak detection.

Our highly skilled technical team performs system provisioning and in-service training for our customers as well as ongoing technical support.

The Sensor Calibration and Exchange Program (SXP®) virtually eliminates the need for user calibration and maintenance. We do the calibration for you and send you fully calibrated Envirocell™ Sensor Modules and even guide you through the simple hot swap. We even provide a pre-paid shipping container so it’s easy for you to return the expired sensor modules. You don’t even have to maintain a schedule. We track all our customers and fully administer the SXP process for you.