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  • Industrial Hygiene Consulting

  • Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services

    Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services

    In the demanding, productivity-driven environment of the mining industry. Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, inc. offers cost-effective and value-added business solutions that anticipate, prevent, and manage health and safety hazards and their associated risks. Our staff posses the requisite knowledge and expertise for properly conducting mine safety inspections and hazard assessments for the specific processes inherent to mining operations.

  • OSHA/MSHA Consulting Services

    OSHA/MSHA Consulting Services

    Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc. has the experience and qualifications to help clients respond to OSHA citations and to implement programs and training to avoid repeat violations. Depending on the needs of our client and their specific situation, we provide customized approaches designed to achieve regulatory compliance, protect the workforce, and meet target budgets.

  • Industrial Hygiene Training and Programs

    Industrial Hygiene Training and Programs

    Properly developed industrial hygiene training and programs protect employees from job related hazards and help ensure regulatory compliance. Chemistry & Industrial Hygiene, Inc. creates relevant programs designed to anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control workplace health hazards. Our industrial hygiene consulting staff works with clients across a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, health care, and government to...