Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

The Chemistry Industry Association of Canada is THE association for leaders in Canada’s chemistry sector; a $53 billion industry. The Association represents more than 50 members and partners across the country, the majority of the chemistry industry in Canada. Our members transform raw materials like natural gas liquids, oil, minerals, electricity and biomass into the building blocks needed to manufacture some 70,000 products that we depend on every day. We provide coordination and leadership on key issues including innovation, investment, taxation, health and safety, environment and regulatory initiatives.

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350 Sparks Street, Suite 805 , Ottawa , Ontario K1R 7S8 Canada
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Professional association
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Nationally (across the country)
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Over 1000

Welcome to the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada
We are THE Association for Canada’s chemistry sector leaders: innovators, solution providers, and world-class stewardship pioneers. We share our members’ stories with decision-makers at the federal and provincial level in order to shape public policy that supports innovation, investment, jobs and the environment.

As the founders of Responsible Care, the industry’s globally-recognized sustainability initiative, our commitment to its ethics and principles means that we are focused on the betterment of society, the environment and the economy and that we “do the right thing and are seen to do the right thing”.

Canada’s $52-billion chemistry industry transforms raw materials into the building blocks needed to manufacture the 70,000 products that ensure our quality of life.

With the potential to attract up to $10 billion in new investment over the next decade, Canada’s chemistry industry is poised for growth.

From wind turbines and solar panels, to vehicles and electronics, to textiles, building materials, paper and pharmaceuticals, chemistry is vital to our economy.”

The Canadian chemistry sector is creating some of the lowest GHG-intensive chemistry products on the planet. Learn more in our video.