Chemstream provides chemicals and automatic treatment systems for all types of industrial drainage and storm water run-off. In addition Chemstream manufacturers stainless steel water-powered chemical metering pumps, efficient non-electrical aeration systems, and pond retention enhancement.

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166 Commerce Dr. , Stoystown , Pennsylvania 15563 USA
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Manufacturing, Other
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Chemstream, Inc. began operations in 1997 as a distributor of chemicals to solve water problems in the mining industry.   Chemstream, Inc. has over 40 years of experience in treating water and determining effective solutions to water problems.

Several patented pieces of equipment aid in dispensing chemicals.  The Wheel-Treater is a water-powered device that responds to changing water flows without the use of electricity, eliminating waste and lowering the cost of treatment and labor.  The Aero-Troff can be customized for many different applications.  Using edges stacked on top of each other, additional exposure is achieved which greatly enhances aeration and mixing allowing the chemical to be more thoroughly mixed with the water to precipitate heavy metals. Chemstream also designs high quality Pond Baffles to allow treated water to be retained longer in treatment ponds.

In 2005, land was purchased in the North Star Industrial Park in Stoystown, Pennsylvania with the intention of blending chemical compounds and expanding the business.  The facility was completed in 2007.  The site is located on seven (7) acres of ground and includes an office, a warehouse, a truck garage and several 15,000 gallon storage tanks.  With this expansion, Chemstream began manufacturing chemicals for sale. Most notable are products for underground dust suppression in the mining industry and blends of caustic soda.

In 2009, Chemstream became certified by NSF International for the purpose of providing chemicals to treat municipal drinking water. The following products are NSF certified:  Alka-Trete 250, Alsulant 570, Chem Chlor 160, Chem Soft 350 and K-Alk 470.

Today, Chemstream is a diverse producer of water treatment chemicals.  Our mission is to continue to produce products and systems to solve environmental water problems.  Our company is committed to safety while at the same time improving the environment. Chemstream will stay on the cutting edge of innovation and modern practicality by delivering the finest environmental products and product dispensing systems in the industry.