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  • CHEMTEX - Drip Pans

    CHEMTEX - Drip Pans

    This new style drip pan comes with a removable sorbent pillow which allows you to keep the pan and just change out the pillow. This means you spend less, and you help save the environment by not throwing out the pan every time it needs to be changed. The low profile is easy to fit in tight spaces where leaking spigots are a problem. When full, tray will hold up to three-quarters of a gallon. Replacement pillows sold separately.

  • CHEMTEX - Drum Tops

    CHEMTEX - Drum Tops

    Keep your drum containment area neat and clean with pre-cut 55-gallon drum tops. Available in both oil only and universal.

  • Chemtex - Particulate

    Chemtex - Particulate

    Chopped polypropylene can be used on both land and water. A dust-free alternative to clay.

  • CHEMTEX - Roll Racks

    CHEMTEX - Roll Racks

    This freestanding vertical roll rack on wheels keeps rolls off messy floors for easy access when you need them. Fits any roll up to 30' wide.