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  • Personal Protection - PPE Suits

  • Tyvek - PPE Suits

    Tyvek - PPE Suits

    With Tyvek, you don’t have to compromise. That’s because Tyvek delivers the best balance of protection, durability, and comfort. Made using a proprietary manufacturing process, Tyvek® features an inherent barrier. So, unlike other protective apparel fabrics which have either a film or coating that can be easily scratched or worn away, Tyvek provides a barrier through the entire fabric.

  • Chemtex Tychem - Model QC - Protective Fabric Coated

    Chemtex Tychem - Model QC - Protective Fabric Coated

    Tychem QC — a DuPont™ Tyvek protective fabric coated with 1.25 mils of polyethylene. It is reliable protection for minor chemical spills and where there is potential for mist or light splash. Bright yellow in color.

  • ChemMax - Model 1 - PPE Suits

    ChemMax - Model 1 - PPE Suits

    ChemMax 1  — Offering quality along with durability, this cost-effective, entry level product will please distributors, safety engineers, and plant purchasing managers. Whether you are in manufacturing, environmental cleanup, or chemical handling, you can trust the ChemMax  family of products to protect your workers from harm. ChemMax  is constructed with a unique polyethylene barrier film and a continuous filament polypropylene...

  • MicroMAX - Pattern Suits

    MicroMAX - Pattern Suits

    The MicroMAX® pattern design features a tailored pattern cut, inset sleeves, elastic back, and a double-gusseted crotch that allows unparalleled freedom of movement. What's the difference between this suit and competitive products? Competitive, non-gusseted coveralls have a crotch dropped lower to allow for reaching without ripping out, and yoke style sleeves put a seam in the chest which is vulnerable to chemical penetration. MicroMAX®...