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  • Monitoring & Control Systems

    ChemTreat’s complete line of control and monitoring technology allows our customers to have complete access for monitoring and managing their water treatment system with ease and efficiency. ChemTreat Solutions is our very own line of integrated water management technology.

  • Smart Release - Water System

    Smart Release - Water System

    Smart Release Technology is a simpler and safer water treatment method to deliver scale, corrosion, and biocide protection for cooling towers and other water system applications.

  • Featured Solutions

  • FlexPro - Model CL - Cooling Water Treatment System

    FlexPro - Model CL - Cooling Water Treatment System

    FlexPro CL is a breakthrough innovation in cooling water treatment specifically designed to work on a broad range of cooling systems. This truly green solution supports emerging regulations while outperforming other cooling water chemistries.

  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers

    Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers

    In the oil and gas industry, removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from waters used for utility systems makeup is required for the protection of assets and the safety of employees.

  • Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Filtration Systems

    Industrial Reverse Osmosis and Membrane Filtration Systems

    ChemTreat field personnel have the most experience in the industry treating industrial reverse osmosis and membrane filtration systems. Our engineers will customize a membrane cleaning program that will eliminate scale-forming constituents from your RO feedwater, keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.

  • Quadrasperse - Polymer Technology

    Quadrasperse - Polymer Technology

    ChemTreat has developed treatment technology for those systems that have the highest degree of heat flux on critical heat exchangers, persistent calcium phosphate fouling potential, long residence times, or high pH, hardness, and alkalinity conditions.

  • Capabilities

    Reliability is what ChemTreat is all about. Over the past 40 years, we’ve developed a complete line of efficient, safe, and sustainable treatment programs for industrial water processes. The ChemTreat difference is in the application of our advanced technologies, and the partnerships we form with our customers.

  • Water Pretreatment System

    Water Pretreatment System

    ChemTreat has best-in-class knowledge and expertise when it comes to the pretreatment of water for boiler makeup and other industrial processes. ChemTreat will work with you to both optimize your current pretreatment system, and provide consultation on improving the system.

  • Boiler Feed Water Treatment System

    Boiler Feed Water Treatment System

    Proper boiler feed water treatment is of the utmost importance in boiler operations. ChemTreat has application experience and solutions for protecting your boiler feed water system from corrosion.

  • Internal Boiler Treatment

    Internal Boiler Treatment

    Regardless of how well your boiler feed water is treated and prepared, internal boiler water treatment is still necessary to prevent several boiler problems and keep your system running at its best.