ChemTreat, Inc.  - a subsidiary of Danaher Corporation

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  • Laboratory Services

    ChemTreat continually develops new technologies and solutions that enable our customers to operate their systems at peak efficiency and reliability. Our laboratories are staffed with the most qualified and dedicated water analysis personnel, solving your problems faster.

  • New Product Development Services

    New Product Development Services

    New product development is a key factor in the ChemTreat success story. Our research and development group is composed of some of the most innovative and focused minds in water treatment product development, leading to the creation of 1,200 proprietary product formulations.

  • Analytical Solutions Laboratory

    Analytical Solutions Laboratory

    In order to maintain the highest levels of customer service, ChemTreat operates a state of the art analytical laboratory to support field testing, troubleshoot complex problems, and create new solutions for your application.