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Chester Engineers

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  • Municipal Service

    Chester Engineers’ municipal engineering solutions extend to clients from municipal authorities to local municipalities and regional organizations. In addition, we serve state and federal agencies. Chester performs planning and feasibility studies, facilities design, construction management, and observation services. We also provide operations assistance for water supply, treatment, storage, and distribution; wastewater collection, conveyance, and treatment; stormwater management; and mun

  • Water Services

    Water Services

    Chester Engineers takes pride in a long tradition of loyalty, partnerships, and outstanding service to its municipal and water clients.  We work closely with our clients to develop breakthrough ideas that deliver value and solve real-world issues. Chester Engineers has experience in developing water sources and designing water treatment, storage and distribution systems.  From water distribution system modeling to pump station design to the...

  • Wastewater Service

    Wastewater Service

    Chester Engineers has proven expertise and experience in applying traditional and innovative technologies to all of our clients’ wastewater needs. Whether the scope involves the evaluation or design of a gravity sewer, sewage pumping station or the upgrade and expansion of a wastewater treatment plant, Chester provides reliable, cost-effective solutions. We take pride in offering a wide range of services that enable our clients to meet the...