Choice Waste Management Ltd

Choice Waste Management Ltd

Choice Waste Management Ltd

Since its establishment in 1997, Choice Waste Management has developed as the UK’s leading specialist in recyclable materials. It is the fastest growing company in its sector. Occupying three office and warehousing facilities, Choice also works in partnership with major national and international reprocessors. We are committed to recycle as much as possible within the UK, and are actively engaged in the development of new facilities to provide the highest possible efficiency in terms of materials, finance and energy.

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Unit D, Stratton Business Park, Montgomery Way, Biggleswade , Bedfordshire , SG18 8QB United Kingdom
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Business Type:
Service provider
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Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
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For Local Authorities, businesses and other organisations, meeting recycling targets with government mandated auditing and traceability standards has become a fact of life. Choice Waste Management exists to make this as simple and efficient as possible for every one of our customers.

The revolution in the way we deal with our waste has become an inevitability, but the choice to be at the forefront still requires boldness and foresight. Burying our heads in the sand is ceasing to be an option, just as rapidly as burying our waste in landfill is ceasing to be a solution. Continually evolving and ever more stringent EU and UK legislation reflects the challenge of responsibility that each of us faces.

Choice Waste Management is uniquely positioned to lead the response to these challenges. Our ability to work in partnership with the leading UK reprocessors allows us to give the greatest return of high value materials to the UK manufacturing sector, and to do so from the widest range of sources. We are able to minimise costs, while maximising accountability, credibility and revenue for our clients.

Even with our long standing reputation for excellence, it is adaptability and willingness to embrace change which has characterised our success. This means commitment to each and every customer, discovering the unique challenges and opportunities of every situation, and offering the expertise and resources that are needed. And it is this attitude which has contributed to our unparalleled growth, and the continuing development of our UK-wide infrastructure.

When you have responsibility, we know that you face choices. That’s why we intend to be the best.

Our focus on excellence and integrity naturally extends to our workforce as well as to our customers. We have a policy of no compromise on quality safety and training. As you would expect, hold industry standards of BS EN ISO9001 and BS EN ISO14001, and are Investors in People. Our intention is to exceed expectations.

Whether you are a business, local authority or waste management company, Choice Waste Management offers you full traceability, auditable records, financial stability and security.

At CWM we recognise that recycling has become an important aspect for local councils. CWM is committed to partnership with local councils to offer a complete solution for environmental targets on a local, national and International basis.

The general public is increasingly demanding of their local councils that they provide integrated solutions to all waste resources arising from householders and local businesses and CWM’s established experience in providing integrated recycling solutions ensures that we are ideally placed to meet the needs of local councils on a long term and sustainable and finacial basis.

To assist local councils meet not only statutory recycling levels but also adhere to the environmental demands of any recycling service, CWM has invested in the latest logistical solutions and partnerships to minimise environmental impact and maximise recycling levels.

CWM has 15 years experience in providing both markets and reprocessing locally for a wide variety of materials collection throughout the UK with the necessary audit and traceability required that a public body and the general public would come to expect as standard.


Sample of grades of plastics currently in demand however CWM is in the market to accept most grades of plastics