Chroma Technology Corporation

Chroma Technology Corporation

Chroma Technology manufactures high-performance optical interference filters using sputtering and ion beam technologies. Covering a spectral range from 200nm-3000nm, our wide-ranging capabilities enable us to offer a broad array of filter products offering superior durability and longevity, and spanning many industrial applications including automated vision applications like machine vision and robotic guidance.

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10 Imtec Lane , Bellows Falls , 05101 Vermont USA
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Industry Type:
Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Glassware
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Chroma Technology manufactures high performance optical interference filters using advanced coating techniques.

Our product line of machine vision filters provide superior levels of transmission of desired light and rejection of undesired light.  This results in bright images with the highest contrast and SNR in the industry.  Our machine vision filter coatings are designed to accommodate wide fields of view without compromising image quality.

Covering a spectral range from  200nm-3000nm, we provide a broad array of sputtered filters offering high heat and humidity tolerance and hard-coated durability and longevity.  U.S. manufacturing and in-house engineering allow us to offer high volume production.

At Chroma Technology, we consider ourselves to be partners with our customers.

With 25 years of experience serving the scientific, biomedical and photonics communities, we know how to design and deliver optical filters that do precisely what our customers need. Whether it’s long-term, high-volume production or a one-off custom solution, we create exactly what you need to help make your next product a success.

High-Volume Manufacturing

High-volume manufacturing is the core of Chroma’s business. For 20 years we've been major suppliers to the largest microscope manufacturers as well as to providers of light-based instrumentation, such as DNA sequencers, flow cytometers and plate readers. More recently, optical filters for point-of-care devices have become high-volume products.

Filter Design and Applications Expertise

High-content analysis and Raman spectroscopy are additional fields where Chroma has provided filter design and applications expertise for major manufacturers. Machine vision, industrial imaging, colorimetry and automated driver-assistance technology are examples of non-fluorescence-based imaging applications served by Chroma.

Small Quantities and Prototypes

If you require small quantities or prototypes, Chroma stands alone. Since its inception, Chroma has partnered with scientists and engineers who need solutions but can’t afford the higher prices our competitors charge for custom work.


We believe it’s a privilege to be chosen as your supplier and to provide the support to help realize your vision of improving the world through science. By thinking of our customers as stakeholders in this way, we’ve earned the distinction of being named a B Corp. As a B Corp, we’re required to value more than just the bottom line, and we do this through serving the greater scientific community every day.

Chroma does more than simply design filters for you – we help you solve your optical problems.

Chroma’s process of working with you begins with effective communication. To develop precise optical filters meeting your specific needs, we first work to understand the application the filters will be used in.

Our Engineering and OEM sales teams ask the right questions to help guide the filter design process. Then our manufacturing team crafts a reliable finished product that is exactly what you need and that performs to the highest standards of Chroma Technology.

This process is often a back-and-forth conversation. For example, we might realize in the early stages that your application could benefit from changes to the requested specifications, or we might notice that some specifications add unnecessary costs to the filter.

Good communication means that problems are solved in the design phase, resulting in a product that works as desired, and at the best price.

Sputtered Thin Film Coatings

Chroma Technology's modified magnetron thin film sputtering techniques provide unparalleled process control and reliable lot-to-lot consistency. This precision allows us to manufacture complex spectral designs for demanding applications. Our sputtered filters provide superior levels of environmental durability and longevity. As a result, our catalog products are covered by the industry's only Lifetime Warranty. For bespoke, custom and OEM filters with revision control, our warranty may vary.

Varied Coating Technologies

Sputtered oxide-dielectric coatings are the most common type of thin films we manufacture, and they offer the greatest flexibility and durability. Sputtered metal and sputtered metal-dielectric coatings offer the widest spectral ranges of attenuation of undesired wavelengths. Our sputtered metal-dielectric UV filters provide the industry's highest transmission in their class while blocking out-of-band wavelengths out to and beyond the IR.

Chroma Technology still maintains an e-beam and thermal resistive coating capacity for applications that may benefit from these technologies.


Chroma has long served customers in the Scientific, Biomedical and Photonics communities. Markets that are growing rapidly for Chroma include Industrial Imaging/Detection and related fields.

Fluorescence Applications

Fluorescence Microscopy, DNA sequencing, Point-of-Care, Flow Cytometry, High Content Analysis & Screening, Surgical Devices, Forensics, Microplate Readers, Hyperspectral  Imaging, Dye Penetrant Inspection, Semiconductor Fabrication/Inspection

Photonics Applications

Raman microscopy, Raman handheld devices, Machine Vision, Colorimetry, Environmental Monitoring, Remote Sensing, Astronomy, Aerospace and Space Exploration, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Multivariate Optical Elements

Filter Types

Pass Filters

Single and multi bandpass, longpass and shortpass, notch rejection, narrow band laser line filters, laser diode and LED clean-up filters, neutral density filters, polarizers

Beamsplitters & Mirrors

Single band dichroic beamsplitters, including long and shortpass and reflecting band dichroics, multi band dichroic beamsplitters, half mirrors and ratiometric beamsplitters (50/50, 80, 20, etc. beamsplitters), hot mirrors and cold mirrors, fully reflective mirrors.

Measuring Spectral Performance

Chroma Technology employs a suite of advanced Cary spectrophotometers, covering 200-NIR. We perform spectral measurement of every production lot to ensure filters meet specification requirements. We assign specifications for catalog products, which we've developed through 25 years of experience. For our OEM customers and those requesting bespoke parts, we provide the specified spectral performance.

Measuring Physical Properites

Using Zygo interferometers and custom-built autocollimators, Chroma Technology is able to offer precise measurements of Transmitted Wavefront Distortion (TWD), surface flatness (Reflected Wavefront Distortion/2) and parallelism (wedge).

We measure physical dimensions of size according to specifications and perform routine surface quality inspections such as S/D (Scratch/Dig), and we ensure that shipped products are free of any cosmetic defects.

Vision Guided Automation

Chroma Technology is implementing the automation of some processes, including filter inspection.