Chromafora AB

Chromafora AB

Chromafora is a leader in disruptive water purification and offers an efficient technology for selective heavy metal separation to a global market. Chromafora AB was founded in 2010 in order to supply a comprehensive expertise in phosphorus chemistry and the implementation of the proprietary innovation for chemical manufacturing. The company is located in Stockholm, Sweden has since 2014 been focusing on water purification and supplies services to a global market.

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Banvaktsvägen 22 , Solna , 171 48 Sweden
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)

The company is formed around a competent and innovative team focused on providing the best service within our expert field. The team possesses expertise and experience in SELEMEXT and selective separation of heavy metals.

There are several common technologies to separate heavy metals from a waste stream. But the majority of them gives lots of secondary waste that usually is to be considered hazardous waste. 

The focus of Chromafora is to tailor a solution that is solving the customer problems, providing a good working environment and enabling a cost efficient purification of the water.

Our SELPAXT™ product is a completely new way of treating water from perfluorinated alkylated substances, or better known as PFAS (including PFOS and PFOA). PFAS is commonly occurring in ground or surface water at places where firefighting foam has been used or stored. For example, PFAS is found in the ground and eventually in the run-off water at airfields, industrial sites and landfills, where PFAS waste sometimes ends up.

SELPAXT™ has a higher selectivity towards PFAS over other organic compounds even at high loads of organic interfering substances and has better retention of the shorter chained molecules when compared to conventional methods like activated carbon.