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  • Peripherals - Enclosures

  • Chromatotec - Wall Mounted Rack

    Chromatotec - Wall Mounted Rack

    It allows to integrate the managing analytical and electronic part (LCD display under Windows). Instead of the 19' rack, this particular waterproof rack is used for some industrial applications for easy maintenance with a front door.

  • TRS Medor - Cabinet

    TRS Medor - Cabinet

    Deodorization application for Waste Water Plants. Deodorization of polluted air is captured and neutralized by successive chemical cleanings in the deodorization towers which neutralize the odours caused by bacteriological fermentation.

  • airmOzone - Cabinet

    airmOzone - Cabinet

    Our system airmOzone C2-C12 allows you to analyze the VOC thanks to: the calibration system with a bottle or permeation tube, a H2 generator, in-built LCD computer with our own operation software VISTACHROM, airmopump sampling, Peltier effect : for cooling, Airmopure : air generator. Applications in the atmosphere pollution, in the petrochemical fence line and clean air room.