CIMTechniques is a South Carolina corporation that has been in operation since 1992. The company has evolved to become the technology leader, through innovation, in markets and applications that serves companies and institutions where quality and reliability matter most. Our products have been monitoring critical applications for over sixteen years. During that time we have learned a lot about what our customers want and need in a monitoring system. Our latest web-based CIMScan monitoring system’s architecture was almost entirely designed and built on this body of knowledge. Below is a list of some of the important software features and innovations we have incorporated into our CIMScan system to provide user confidence in monitoring critica`l applications.

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1215 Prince Street , Beaufort , SC 29902 USA

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Monitoring and Testing
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Internationally (various countries)

Alert Escalation

The CIMScan monitoring system consists of one or more Monitoring Stations linked to a server computer via a wireless connection (cellular or satellite) or directly to a LAN or the Internet. The server software is built around a standard SQL relational database and can be installed on a customer’s computer or hosted on one of our servers in “the cloud.” Whenever an abnormal condition is detected, CIMScan automatically sends an alert via email, cellular text message, pager, or voice telephone. Users, with the correct credentials, can log onto the system at any time with a simple web browser to view the current status or perform maintenance. A wide variety of standard reports are instantly available and custom reports can be easily created.

CIMTechniques provides a broad range of wired and wireless sensors to meet most critical environment, and critical material monitoring needs across a range of markets and applications.

The CIMScan system primarily services markets and applications in companies, organizations, institutions and hospitals where quality and reliability mater most.

HEALTHCARE & LIFE SCIENCES - CIMScan is used to monitor temperature in refrigerators and freezers in blood banks and other cell and tissue repositories, pharmacies, and laboratories.

CLEANROOMS - The system is also used to monitor temperature, humidity, differential pressure, and particle counts in cleanrooms used for pharmaceutical, semiconductor, medical devices, and MEMS manufacturing.

WAREHOUSES & DISTRIBUTION CENTERS - CIMScan is used to monitor temperature, humidity, and leaks in warehouses and processing areas where food and pharmaceuticals are stored and distributed.

ENERGY & WATER CONSERVATION - CIMScan routinely used to monitor energy from both commercial and 'green' sources as well as monitor water consumption (sub-metering) in commercial buildings for conservation and cost reduction.

REMOTE SITES - CIMScan can monitor just about anything at a remote site for which there is a sensor, transmitter, or instrument available. The system is typically used to monitor air and water quality, monitor water levels and flows in rivers and streams, monitor dissolved oxygen and pH at aquiculture sites, monitor liquid levels in tank farms, monitor water leves and flow rates at pumping stations, and monitor stress, load, and movement in structures like bridges, dams, viaducts, etc.

  • Access via a simple web browser or smart phone
  • Alerts by email, text, pager, or voice telephone
  • Hosted on your server or ours in the 'cloud'
  • Monitor any number of remote sites
  • Local alarm detection and display at each site
  • Easy to use, expand, and maintain
  • Latest wireless sensor technologies

Host the system on your server or ours in the 'cloud'
While CIMScan can be easily hosted on any Windows-based server, by far the most cost effective system can be had by utilizing one of our servers. Ongoing server support is included in the small monthly fee. For those concerned about losing control of the data, the history and statistics databases can be optionally backed up to your server on a daily basis.

Incredibly easy to use and maintain
Log on using a simple web browser or your smart phone and you immediately see all the monitoring points that need attention. Select a sensor or two and then select 'Trend Chart' to see a recent history to help you determine how to react to the situation.

Use any mix of wired or wireless sensors
Generally speaking, wired sensors are less expensive and more reliable, but they are more time consuming to installed. Wireless sensors, on the other hand, are quick to install, but the batteries need to be replaced once every year or two. CIMTechniques offers by far the widest variety of off-the-shelf sensors/transmitters available from anyone in the industry.

24/7 on-line monitoring with no gaps in data
Nothing sends up a red flag for auditors like gaps in the recorded monitoring data. With CIMScan, there are no gaps because the remote Monitoring Stations buffer measurement data during LAN, Internet, or server outages. In addition, the remote stations handle alarm processing so local personnel are alerted to an abnormal condition even when the server cannot be involved for whatever reason.

Scalable from 1 to 10,000 monitoring points spread over hundreds of remote sites
Need a 10 point system? Start out using our server then migrate to yours as the number of monitoring points grows. You never lose your investment in the remote hardware.

IT friendly software
Use our server to host your system and IT rarely gets involved other than the internal networking. If you host your own system, has little to do other than the maintenance of the server computer hardware and the network infrastructure.

Create your own custom reports
If our standard reports don't meet your needs, use Microsoft Reporting Services to easily generate our own custom reports.

Extremely effective alerting system
CIMScan sends alerts via email, pager, text messaging, and voice telephone. To ease the burden on administrators, recipients maintain their own contact information. Alert messages are delivered through an escalation process with each potential recipient assigned an escalation level. Alarms can be acknowledged using a telephone's keypad, temporarily suspending alert delivery for a user-specified period of time.

System designed for easy validation
A formal validation template package (IQ and OQ) is available for CIMScan. In addition, CIMScan contains a 'Validation Control Panel' which allows you to force alarm conditions and record the results.

Can be user-installed and serviced
The physical installation of the hardware and its maintenance can be easily handled by a typical hospital maintenance department or clinical engineering group.

  • Completely web-based and accessible from anywhere
  • Can handle thousands of monitoring points & hundreds of users Remote monitoring wherever a LAN/Internet connection exists
  • Built around a secure SQL Database
  • Organized by Departments containing Groups of monitoring points
  • Time recorded in GMT and automatically displayed in local time
  • Alerts delivered via email, text message, pager and voice telephone
  • Access under strict ID/password control
  • Minimum Password Complexity can be defined User
  • Activities limited by Configurable Roles User
  • Maintenance handled by supervisor level Group Administrators
  • Passwords can be set to Automatically Expire
  • All System Settings Changes recorded in an Audit Trail Warning and Action
  • Limits for alarm detection Alarm List contains Alerts for monitoring points that the user has access to
  • Alerts Acknowledged with an Assignable Cause or Corrective Action
  • User-Generated Notes are linked to one or more monitoring points
  • Interactive Trend Charts and Data Analysis Tools are included
  • Graphic Displays include Alarm Indicators, Value Displays & Charts
  • Accurate Hourly Statistics generated for every monitoring point
  • Unlimited User-Configurable Reports
  • Language Localization
  • Supports “Express” Validation to minimize the installed cost
  • Pricing model by number of monitoring points, not number of users