CINTELLATE EHS & Risk Management Software - SAI Global Limited

CINTELLATE EHS & Risk Management Software - SAI Global Limited

CINTELLATE EHS & Risk Management Software - SAI Global Limited

Nurture a safety culture while reducing operational risk with our world-class environmental, health and safety solution. Today`s evolving work environments present a far greater and more diverse landscape of hazards than ever before. Not only can these hazards cause major negative consequences to impacted workers, they can also significantly impact a company`s reputation and bottom line. Successful companies understand that environment, health and safety (EHS) is a high-risk area that needs to be proactively managed.

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355 Scarborough Beach Road , Osborne Park , Western Australia 6017 Australia
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Software vendor
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Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)
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Promote EHS business intelligence across your organization with compelling, insightful dashboards that can display trends, KPIs, scorecards and more. Cintellate BI features interactive, role-based dashboards that are able to deliver the desired numbers to key decision makers immediately. Reveal patterns and trends in new and unexpected areas and identify opportunities to be proactive about EHS in the workplace and improve organizational performance.

  • World-class software that helps companies manage hazards and risks while also quickly identifying, monitoring, analyzing and reporting on EHS performance in real time.
  • Our solution streamlines EHS management to create a proactive safety culture and help companies manage these risks holistically.

Manage the entire EHS program in one place

EHS Manager 360 replaces inefficient disparate systems and manual spreadsheets with an automated system that enables proactive and strategic execution. Our integrated software platform provides enterprise visibility of leading and lagging indicators all in one place to enable efficient management of a company's EHS program.

With action management at the heart of every module, our EHS solution delivers individual accountability and corporate transparency while mitigating operational risk across the company.

Future proof EHS journeys with flexibility and scalability

System capabilities are tailored to unique EHS requirements and not vice-versa. Our modular solution is highly configurable, to ensure companies don't need to adjust their operations based on our system limitations. Robust from end to end, our software is designed for users, but built for enterprise-level use.

Configurable modules that support each company's processes today can be added on to delivering expanded functionality as the business grows. The end result is a faster time to value and higher ROI.

Actionable insights with simple data capture, analytics and reporting with integrated mobility

Our EHS software platform keeps companies in motion anytime, anywhere. Whether online or off, our native mobile app ensures companies can easily capture data remotely and upload it directly into our EHS software. Critical information beyond mobile networks is collected and efficient paperless systems are created that reduce the opportunity for information loss.