CIPP Corporation, Inc.

CIPP Corporation, Inc.

CIPP Corporation, Inc.

CIPP Corporation, Inc. has been an innovator in pipeline rehabilitation for many years, providing an affordable, long-term solution to aging sewer, water and industrial pipelines. Cured-in-place materials seamlessly mold to the host pipe, preventing infiltration and exfiltration, restoring the structural integrity of the pipeline, and eliminating weakening joints.

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515 5th Street , Hudson , Iowa 50643-7773 USA
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Water and Wastewater
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Internationally (various countries)

As the leader in trenchless technology, CIPP Corp is the only pipeline rehabilitation company in the United States which offers the Berolina-Liner System UV Cure. This state-of-the-art pipeline rehabilitation is the preferred system of renovating pipelines throughout Europe. The Lightspeed process uses a UV light technique to create custom-designed liners which ensure maximum flow capacity with minimal cross section reduction for up to fifty years.

With both systems available, CIPP Corp. will fully assess your pipeline needs, providing the best recommendation for rehabilitation.

The CIPP Difference
Cured-in-place pipeline forms a much smoother surface than concrete and clay pipe and actually increases the flow capacity. This piping eliminates joints, effectively preventing root intrusion and environmental corrosion, while stopping leaks. Additionally, cured-in-place pipeline is installed using trenchless technology, eliminating costly and time-consuming excavation.

Millions of linear cured-in-place materials have been installed worldwide and have withstood every corrosive environmental factor and the test of time. The CIPP Difference is a commitment to providing the most innovative pipeline rehabilitation technology available with the least amount of environmental disruption. CIPP Corp. offers an affordable, long-term, less disruptive solution to all of your pipeline rehabilitation needs.