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Cirrus Environmental

Cirrus Environmental provides a range of noise measurement instruments, software and support packages that enable our customers to effectively monitor, manage and control their environmental noise. We can offer advice and support on all aspects of monitoring, evaluating and managing noise, including downloading data and report preparation if required. Our managed noise monitoring solutions can remove the need for customers to install any software themselves, instead accessing their data via a simple web interface. Our solutions are built from a combination of noise measurement instruments that are suitable for either short, medium or long term installation with measurement data either downloaded locally, remotely over the latest in communications technology or via a Noise-Hub web server. Whether the need is for a comprehensive data set or a simple 4-20mA signal, Cirrus Environmental can offer a solution for systems integrators and OEM suppliers.

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Consulting firm
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Noise and Vibration
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Internationally (various countries)


Who we are and how we can help you with your noise monitoring project?
Cirrus Environmental provides a range of noise measurement instruments and systems that have been designed to meet the needs of businesses who need to undertake environmental noise monitoring and measurement.

We can offer you advice and a range of support options covering all aspects of monitoring, evaluating and managing noise, including downloading data and report preparation if required.

Our Services & Quality Standards

  • See our quality management certification ISO 9001:2008.
  • As well as specifying the best instrumentation to meet your needs, we can offer a range of additional services and support packages
  • Initial consultation and project planning assistance
  • Installation of suitable hardware and software
  • Full training on the correct use of the system
  • Technical support and backup service packages
  • Help with generating the required results and reports
  • Maintenance and recalibration of the system

Our Products
Our wide range of noise measurement instruments and software allows us to cover almost every application and to offer a practical and cost effective system that meets you exact needs. Our noise measurement products are:

  • Portable Noise Monitors for short and medium term noise monitoring that can be moved to different locations
  • Semi-permanent Installation Noise Monitors for medium term non permanent noise monitoring applications
  • Permanent Installation Noise Monitors for permanent noise monitoring applications
  • Systems Integrator Noise Monitors that connect directly to process measurement and control system
  • Noise-Hub Noise Monitoring Management Software for communicating with single or multiple noise monitoring terminals

Want to Save Time with Your Outdoor Noise Monitoring?
Choose the noise monitoring equipment from Cirrus Environmental. By combining easy functionality and high-end capability, you can have a complete noise monitoring solution. How does it save you time? Our instruments can integrate easily into any environment, capturing all the noise data you need simultaneously.

There is also our effective Noise-Hub2 Software. This allows you to connect to your equipment from anywhere, so you can always monitor noise on the go.

Whether you need portable, semi-permanent and permanent noise monitors, we have the products, skills and expertise to cover all applications.

5 Reasons to Choose Cirrus Environmental

  1. We’ll help plan your project: Tell us what you need to monitor and we can recommend the ideal noise monitoring equipment. The initial quotation and planning stage is completely free, so contact us today to get started.
  2. We’ll install your new equipment: Once you have chosen your noise monitoring solution, our experienced team will install your semi-permanent and permanent solutions. If you choose portable, you are ready to go. We’ll also install the Noise-Hub2 Software.
  3. We’ll get you up and running quickly: Want to get the best results from your new noise equipment and software? We’ll can provide all the start-up training you need so you get generate the noise data you need.
  4. We’ll support you every step of the way: Need technical support and guidance? Cirrus Environmental are always available to answer your questions, making it easier to use your equipment.
  5. We’ll keep your noise monitoring system running smoothly: Ensure your equipment is monitoring accurately with annual calibration. Whether it’s on-site or back-to-base repairs, Cirrus Environmental is here to help.

Cirrus Environmental has supplied systems across a wide range of applications, with each system built around the Noise-Hub software. By adding a suitable noise monitor or noise monitors and a range of options, a system can be tailored to each individual application and location.

Examples of some of our more recent installations include:

  • Construction & Demolition Noise Monitoring
  • Industrial Noise Monitoring
  • Airport Noise Monitoring
  • Transport Noise Monitoring
  • Motorsport Noise Monitoring

Each of these systems has been built around different versions of the Noise-Hub software package and portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitors. The Airport and Industrial installation also include weather measurement capabilities.

The Construction noise monitoring system uses the Noise-Hub web interface to give the operators a quick and simple way to access live noise levels.

The Noise-Hub software is hosted on a server in a secure data centre with communications between the software and the noise monitors made over a robust 3G/GPRS connection.

The Motorsport noise monitoring system uses the networking functions in Noise-Hub to allow data to be shared across a LAN/WAN to give a number of users access to both live and historical noise data.

Whatever the application, Cirrus Environmental can tailor a system to meet the exact needs of all stakeholders and interested parties.

Noise-Hub provides you with a modern, sophisticated, clear and straight forward platform for communicating with single or multiple noise monitoring terminals.

With a modular structure, you can start with a basic system and add and expand as your needs grow. 

Whether you need a single noise monitoring terminal, a portable solution or a complete, integrated modular management system with an unlimited number of noise monitoring terminals and different users, we can deliver, install and commission a total easy-to-use package.

The design of the Noise-Hub software allows Feature Packs to be added which expand the functions and features available to the user(s). Any of the Feature Packs can be added to any of the software Editions or can simply be added to the Basic Edition to create the ideal combination of function and performance.  

Noise monitors can be added at any time and the Noise-Hub software has been written to communicate with both the current and future ranges of noise monitors from Cirrus Research plc. Future technology may add new capabilities to the noise monitors and Noise-Hub has been designed to be able to integrate these seamlessly.

  • Real time online noise monitoring
  • Live noise data over the web
  • Integrates with fixed portable & semi-permanent noise monitors
  • Comprehensive suite of reporting & configuration tools
  • Automatic download of measurements from noise monitors
  • Configure a system to meet your exact needs – reduces cost & complexity
  • Automatic reporting by email direct to your inbox
  • Noise event & measurement alerts by email, SMS & direct to your smartphone
  • Full servicing , maintenance & calibration options
  • Leasing & purchase options available

Portable noise monitors

There are many applications where noise monitoring is required over a short period or where the measurement location will change frequently. This type of application is often best served by a portable noise monitor that can be easily relocated as needed.

The CK:680 measurement kit has been designed to run for periods of typically 7-10 days at a single location and to provide a range of noise measurement parameters. 

Data can be downloaded from the system via a 3G/GPRS connection and each measurement is stamped with the GPS coordinates allowing data to be shown on a map, a useful feature where the monitoring location changes frequently.

The optimus sound level meter that is part of the CK:680 kit can be removed and used handheld for short term and spot measurements. 

Semi-permanent noise monitors

There are applications where a hand-held sound level meter is not rugged or robust enough but where installing a permanent noise monitor is not practical. An example of this may where the noise source that is being measured is moving slowly over a period of time or where a number of pre-determined locations must be monitored over the course of a project.

Cirrus has supplied semi-permanent noise monitors for a number of these type of project including:

  • Large demolition sites
  • Construction of transport links such as road & rail
  • Test & Development sites
  • Mining & quarrying

Our range of permanent noise monitors are ideal for applications where accurate and reliable continuous monitoring of environmental noise metrics is required over long periods.  Designed for permanent installation, these instruments are ideal for use in all weather and climate conditions and are field-proven over many years.

For applications where noise data needs to be gathered on a permanent basis, we offer two choices of permanent system; the CR:243/1 Noise Monitor and the CR:243/4 Noise Pole. 

They both offer identical processing and monitoring capabilities but have different housings.

CR:243/1 Permanent Noise Monitor

  • Ideal for permanent installation on buildings
  • Suitable for long term monitoring in all weather conditions
  • Proven technology & reliability
  • Fully weather protected
  • High physical security, ideal for urban locations
  • Extensive communications options with support for direct line, GSM, Wireless or GPRS Modem
  • Flexible installation options
  • PTB Type Approval & IP65 Certification
  • Optional weather measurement capabilities
CR:243/4 “Noise Pole” Noise Monitor
  • Ideal for permanent installation in urban environments
  • Purpose designed and manufactured for permanent installation
  • The noise monitor is housed within an industry standard lighting pole
  • Simple installation & servicing
  • Very high physical security, ideal for use in urban locations
  • Support for weather sensors & remote communications
  • Remote communication via direct line, GSM, Wireless or GPRS Modem
  • Optional Integrated Weather Monitoring

Many industrial installations have a variety of process sensors strategically placed around their site so that safety, environmental impact and efficiency can be monitored and managed, in real time, from one or more control rooms. If you have an existing control or measurement system and you need to add noise measurement capability, Cirrus Environmental can provide a range of instruments that are ideal for integration.

MK:427 NoiseSensor 4-20mA Outdoor Microphone

The MK:427 has been designed to meet the demand for a fully weather protected outdoor noise measurement microphone that can be integrated quickly and easily using a 4-20mA signal. The MK:427 uses the same proven hardware that is part of the permanent noise monitors and can include an automatic calibration option. This unit has been sucessfully installed at a number of large industrial sites.

  • Robust, fully weather protected Class 1 outdoor microphone
  • Straight forward integration with Industry standard 4-20mA current loop systems
  • Eliminates the need for third party software
  • 30 to 100dB(A) standard range ideal for most applications (other options available)
  • Proven long term reliability in harsh outdoor environments
  • Verification through regular scheduling for remote calibration using integrated ‘auto-calibration’ system
  • Outdoor Windshield and bird spikes to protect the microphone
  • Entire length of the MK:427 NoiseSensor is 1m
  • Simple mounting and installation for quick deployment

ZE:908 Acoustic Interface

The ZE:908 allows noise measurement to be added to indoor industrial monitoring systems via a standard 4-20mA signal. The unit also has relays that can be triggered at preset levels as well as AC and DC signal outputs.

  • Power supply for microphone preamplifiers
  • Ideal for interfacing noise level measurements into external data logging systems, signal analysers and data recorders
  • Front panel indicators of unit configuration and output status
  • 60dB(A) measurement range
  • User selectable output options of AC, DC & 4-20mA Current Loop
  • Low Power Consumption with external power from 18-30v DC

Permanent Noise Monitors

Where a simple sound level over a 4-20mA loop is not sufficient, measurement data from the Cirrus permanent noise monitors can be integrated  into a range of external systems. Cirrus can advise upon the best communcations methods and provide protocol data that can allow systems integrators to connect and control these instruments.

At Cirrus Environmental we take great pride in our high standards of Service, Support & Calibration.  Our in-depth knowledge of the Cirrus Noise Monitoring instruments, software and systems enables us to guide users through the operation of the equipment and rapidly solve any technical problems as well as allowing us to offer a wide range of Service, Support & Calibration options.

Our noise monitoring systems are typically supplied with some form of maintenance and support package and we can offer three standard packages, each of which can be tailored to meet the needs of each client or installation. Outside of the UK, we work with carefully selected local strategic partners to provide  the highest level of backup and support.

Whether you need a simple annual calibration for your equipment or a comprehensive backing and support package, there is an option to suit your project.