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  • Environmental Noise Sensors

    The pure-analogue electronics are highly reliable and operate without any user intervention. No specialist acoustic knowledge is required – simply power-up the Noise Sensor and the measured noise level is continuously fed to the output. With the 4-20mA output, very long cable lengths can be used without reducing noise measurement accuracy.

  • Cirrus - Model CR:465 - Galactus Noise Monitors

    Cirrus - Model CR:465 - Galactus Noise Monitors

    The ideal acoustic interface for airport & environmental noise monitoring systems. The CR:465 Galactus noise monitors are a range of high performance noise measurement units that have been designed for integration with external data loggers and environmental noise monitoring systems. The instruments provide an industry standard RS232 data stream that can contain a wide range of acoustic parameters that can be selected to meet the demands of a wide...

  • Portable Noise Monitors

    Portable Noise Monitors are ideal for short and medium term measurements for applications such as industrial, airport, transport and construction. Both periodic environmental groups and recognised noise events are stored, along with noise profile (time history) data.

  • Invictus - Environmental Noise Monitor

    Invictus - Environmental Noise Monitor

    The Invictus is a purpose designed environmental noise measurement instrument designed for use in a wide range of applications from short term noise measurements to long term noise monitoring projects.