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  • CLASS - Warehouse Layout Design Software

    CLASS - Warehouse Layout Design Software

    The warehouse layout design module within CLASS allows managers to design, test and re-design the layout of their warehouses ahead of commissioning projects and without risk to on-going operations. Ease-of-use and the speed with which numerous options can be generated and tested, as well as clear, easy-to-understand graphics mean that the design module is an invaluable tool for any warehouse design changes and for 3PLs tendering for new...

  • CLASS - Warehouse Simulation Software

    CLASS - Warehouse Simulation Software

    The warehouse operation simulation module of CLASS allows you to run any number of ‘What if?’ scenarios quickly and easily, different scenarios can be stored and compared. Our ‘What-if?’ Wizard enables users to create simulations rapidly, testing, learning and re-testing their designs against a range of operating and layout scenarios. Manpower can be adjusted across shift patterns, MHE availability can be varied...

  • CLASS - Site Traffic Models

    CLASS - Site Traffic Models

    CLASS Site Traffic models the dynamic effects of vehicle movements around the site, arrival and departure patterns as well as vehicle queuing and waiting times. Using movement pathway technology, Site Traffic allows users to build an exact copy of their site quickly and then use this in the simulation to model the vehicle movements. Sometimes the main warehouse infrastructure is designed well to cope with future demand but not enough consideration is...