CisternGauges started out on the beautiful Islands of the Netherlands Antilles, where Cisterns and Water-tanks are vital for the way of live. The product was designed to fill in the need for an easy and durable but yet affordable way of monitoring the water-level in existing water storages. CisternGauges is dedicated to provide a high quality, durable product, that can withstand harsh conditions, but still sells for low price. All CisternGauges are build with care and hand-checked before shipping. Now located in the Netherlands, CisternGauges is part of Trint International B.V. and is shipping worldwide, with positive reactions of users all around the globe, and we continue to make our product and service better every day, so many more people can start to enjoy their cisterns more safely and comfortably.

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Reimersbeek 1 , MC Ede , The Netherlands 6715 Netherlands

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Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing
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Globally (various continents)