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  • Clean Air

    Clean Air

    Houston’s air quality has long suffered. Much of the city’s air pollution problem is due to its proximity to the ship channel industries which compose the largest petrochemical complex in the nation- comprising over 60 percent of the country’s petrochemical industry. In 2000, an analysis of the city’s air revealed that industry had been consistently underreporting its emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)- precursors to...

  • Clean Health

    Clean Health

    The human body, an amazingly complex defense and self-healing system, is increasingly under attack. The invader, which can be odorless and invisible, rides quietly on the most essential element in the human environment – the air we breathe. Air pollution is the invader that can break down the body's defenses, or at least contribute to the burden this elegant defense system bears. This invasion takes its toll on health, especially in the...