CLARCOR Industrial Air

CLARCOR Industrial Air

United Air Specialists, Inc. designs and manufactures air filtration and air pollution control equipment. It provides industrial dust collectors, such as cartridge dust collectors, cyclone collectors, bag/media collectors, extraction arms and accessories, and ancillary dust collector products; industrial mist collectors that include Smog-Hog electrostatic precipitators mist collectors; replacement filters, such as cartridge filters, oval cartridge filters, pleated bag filters, HEPA and 95% DOP filters, and equipment replacement filters; and commercial kitchen emission systems. With decades of experience, you will find expert global sales, support and application engineering teams ready to provide tailored advice and solutions to help you achieve your operating goals.

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4440 Creek Road , Cincinnati , Ohio 45242 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
more than $1,000,000,000 US

We provide solutions to air quality problems ranging from welding smoke, oil mist and process dusts in factories to indoor air quality concerns like cigarette smoke and allergens in offices, bars and homes. UAS offers a diverse product line that meets or exceeds regulations set forth by the Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Commercial Air Cleaning Products

Smokeeter is an effective solution for capturing nuisance smoke. Its highly effective smoke removal capabilities keep both smokers and non-smokers happy, enabling the owners of public gathering places like bars and restaurants to offer their customers a choice. Visit for more information.

Industrial Air Cleaning Products

The Smog-Hog® industrial electrostatic precipitator (ESP) line was introduced in 1970. UAS created the Smog-Hog mist and fume product line to meet the growing demand for improved air quality in industrial plants. Smog-Hog was an established product when OSHA was passed later that year, guaranteeing UAS leadership in the field of industrial indoor air quality. Several standard models are available, as are a variety of models built to customer specifications.

To meet the needs of customers searching for a media air filtration device, UAS introduced the DA, DB and DBM Models (formerly known as Dust-Cat). These filtration systems work well in applications where conductive contaminant or large particles prohibit the use of ESP technology. It also fills the gap for customers with low concentrations of fugitive dust, providing them with a simple and cost-effective solution.

In 1989, UAS acquired PTS Industries, the manufacturer of Fabricmax and Cyclomax dust collection equipment since 1976. Their product line was a natural fit that rounded out the UAS line of air cleaning equipment. UAS' engineering expertise and innovative manufacturing processes have driven dust collector technology to new heights over the years.

In 1997, UAS was acquired by CLARCOR, Inc. (, a publicly traded, diversified marketer and manufacturer of mobile, industrial and environmental filtration products and packaging goods. As a member of the CLARCOR family, UAS continues to research and develop air pollution control equipment to be able to offer customers the right solution for each unique application.

A Proud History, A Bright Future

United Air Specialists works hard to earn and uphold its reputation for excellence. Our policy of providing top-notch service and industry-leading products ensures UAS' continued excellence as a key player in the air filtration and air pollution control industry.

In a 1986 joint venture, UAS became the Master North American Distributor for KLEENTEK Electrostatic Varnish Removal Systems, manufactured by KLEENTEK Industrial Company, Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan. KLEENTEK is based on an innovative design which allows electrostatic cleaning of liquids such as lubricating oils and hydraulic fluids, thereby increasing productivity and maximizing equipment life.

Because KLEENTEK is so effective in cleaning hydraulic fluids, UAS opened a KleenTest laboratory in 1993, to test fluids for contaminants and products of oxidation. The KleenTest Oil Analysis testing program provides the most useful and easily understood testing data available. Visit for additional information.

UAS introduced TotalStat Electrostatic Spraying Sytems in 1988. Using electrostatic principles to simultaneously charge and propel liquids, TotalStat's breakthrough technology enables users to achieve coating precision rates previously considered unobtainable. TotalStat sprays oils, release agents, flavorings, lubricants and various coatings. Visit for additional information.

Customers are the true owners of our business – We are a customer-driven, market- focused company. We establish successful customer relationships by exceeding customer expectations for products, services and attitude. We earn our credibility through meeting commitments and producing quality products and services in a timely fashion striving to always exceed our customers’ expectations. To achieve these objectives we:

  • Make quality always come first – We will perform correctly the first time, maintain customer satisfaction and measure our quality against documented expectations. We practice effective and standardized improvement methods to anticipate problems and implement root cause solutions. We believe that when quality comes first, reduced costs follow.
  • Continually improve our products – We utilize the concept of the “Vital Few” to establish our priorities. We concentrate our resources on achieving the scheduled goals of the “Vital Few” while empowering each employee to make continuous improvements in their area of responsibility. We understand that customers primarily view UAS through the quality, service, value and technological leadership of our products and systems.
  • Keep technology as our foundation – We commit to on-going investments and advancements in the design and development of our products, processes, methods, and systems.
  • Continually reduce our lead times – We focus resources to minimize cycle times to our customers by empowering employees to achieve efficient cycle times in their areas of responsibility. We believe that cycle time reduction is achieved by streamlining processes through systematic removal of barriers to productivity.

Employees are our greatest resource – We design jobs and provide opportunities in a fashion which clearly promotes pride in work, integrity, trust, teamwork, creativity, fairness, productivity, employee involvement and personnel development. To achieve these objectives we:

  • Provide recognition for accomplishments– We base recognition, advancement and compensation on an employee’s achievement of excellence in team and individual performance.
  • Provide competitive compensation and benefits– We provide for employee health and welfare by offering competitive compensation and employee benefit programs.
  • Never compromise safety – We place our concern for safety of our community and employees at the forefront of our decisions, policies and actions. Each employee is responsible for safety.
  • Maintain open communication – We encourage open, honest, constructive and ongoing two-way communication in all company and community relationships to resolve issues, exchange information and share knowledge.

We are an involved and concerned company – We understand that how we interact with our customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, and communities directly impacts our future growth. For this reason we:

  • Never compromise our professional ethics – We manage our business and treat our customers, employees, shareholders, investors, suppliers, distributors, representatives, community and government in a manner that exemplifies our honesty, ethics, and integrity. We recognize our responsibility to the community and are proud to serve as an equal opportunity employer.
  • Maintain profitability – We strive to maintain competitive pretax profits as they allow continued investments and future growth and indicate the overall success of UAS and its employees.

We understand that suppliers, representatives, and distributors are our partners – We maintain mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, representatives and distributors who champion and endorse our mission, guiding values and strategic plans.