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  • Model CAL2K  - Fully Automatic Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

    Model CAL2K - Fully Automatic Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

    The CAL2K system is the most advanced, fully automatic calorimeter available today. The result of years of research with dedicated engineers employing the latest state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials. The CAL2K is easy to use and has special features which places it in a league of its own. Accuracy is guaranteed with microprocessors that use self-correcting processes, exceeding the standard requirements of DIN, ASTM and ISO....

  • Model E2K V2 - Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

    Model E2K V2 - Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

    Digital Data Systems has upgraded the E2K bomb calorimeter system. The system now has full menu control. The system can operate fully without a PC and results can be printed directly to a RS232 printer. PC and software is optional, however the system is now fully operational without software. All menu functions can be done via the calorimeter. We call the new upgraded version - Version 2. The system is middle of the range and available in a variety of...

  • Model CAL3K - Generation Oxygen Calorimeters

    Model CAL3K - Generation Oxygen Calorimeters

    DDS and CAL3K offers the new next generation advanced bomb calorimeter system with innovative technology and never before seen advanced features. Learn more about the new CAL3K Advanced Bomb Calorimeter System. Get free weekly tutorials and information on our new system straight to your inbox.

  • ECO Bomb - Calorimeter

    ECO Bomb - Calorimeter

    The ECO Bomb Calorimeter is the most affordable of the DDS Scientific product range. The ECO is the most compact and cost-effective of all the models on offer. The ECO can handle 1 determination in an hour. It has been designed with the academic user in mind. It is ideal for low volume sample requirements typically found in Educational Institutions. The ECO Bomb calorimeter System is packaged complete with : Calorimeter, Filling Station, and Two...

  • Model CAL2K  - Bomb Vessel

    Model CAL2K - Bomb Vessel

    The bomb vessel is the first of its kind and is the heart of the CAL2K system. Its sophisticated design allows the temperature to be measured to five decimal places in degrees Celsius. The vessel is an intelligent (SMART) vessel with a microprocessor built into its base. The vessel is capable of : firing counts, identification, memory and reconditioning data. The vessel is the combustion chamber. It is made of stainless steel and tested up to a...