Clean Air Mob

Clean Air Mob

We are environmental consultants who assist chemical plants with Clean Air and Clean Water Act compliance. Emission Inventory, Greenhouse Gas (GHG), Renewable Fuels (RFS2), Air Pollution Control (APC) device selection (MACT), State Implementation Plan (SIP), Parts & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID), instantaneous release and stationary source dispersion modeling.

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Poplar Pike , Memphis , Tennessee 38119 USA
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Consulting firm
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Nationally (across the country)
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less than $1,000,000 US

Our goal in our work is to produce results that are as close to the real world as possible. From full on air permit applications for any chemical manufacturing facility to sub-contracted dispersion models for your environmental service company, we can fulfill any air compliance need. 

We are dedicated to providing industrial facilities with realistic solutions that balances minimizing environmental impact and financial cost to the business owners. 

Working with SCREEN3, 
ISC3, AERMOD, to CALPUFF we can determine which one is applicable to you. We have the expertise to run these models with the correct assumptions and parameters that will represent real world activity.

Are you in a non-attainment zone and want to challenge your Title V status? We can examine your case and run the appropriate models to show whether or not you truly are a Significant Source of Deterioration.

If you are having trouble ensuring that your chemical production facility is compliant with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Clean Air Act regulations, contact us today.

Our modelers have both had formal education and on the job experience performing EPA approved dispersion models and air permit applications successfully.  

Our consultants are also knowledgable in process engineering as well as process safety. They are extremely proficient in fortran programming as well as CFD modeling that directly aids in the understanding of the dispersion models required by the US EPA. 

All of our work is facilitated by cloud storage of facility data and drawings. If the drawings are verified by your facility engineer as being up to date and correct, a site visit most likely will not be required. You will simply upload or e-mail your facility drawings. However, if the drawings need to be updated we will send an Engineer in Training (EIT) or a registered Professional Engineer (PE) to your facility to mark any significant process changes. If there are no drawings, a certified equipment list can be used as well.