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  • Furniture Testing

  • American Standards Testing (ANSI/BIFMA) Services

    American Standards Testing (ANSI/BIFMA) Services

    The ANSI/BIFMA Standards differ from British and European Standards, defining specific tests, equipment to be used, conditions of the test, and minimum acceptance levels to be used in evaluating products. Our experts can test the safety and performance of domestic and contract seating to various American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) Standards. We have a range of specific...

  • Flammability Testing

    Flammability Testing

    In 2018 our UKAS-accredited flammability lab doubled in size enabling our experts to better serve our customers through this increased capacity.

  • Surface Finish Testing Services

    Surface Finish Testing Services

    The exposed surfaces of furniture such as cabinets, kitchens, desks and worktops need to be able to withstand the rigours of day to day use. Furniture surfaces that stain or mark easily, perhaps due to spills or white ring marks from drinks, will potentially lead to customer dissatisfaction, complaints and returns. The results of the use of inadequate or inappropriate surface finishes are instantly visible. This not only has a negative aesthetic...

  • Childcare Products Testing Services

    Childcare Products Testing Services

    The experts at FIRA International perform testing of a wide variety of childcare and related children’s products to both British and European Standards. Tests include stability, strength, durability and impact, alongside dimensional testing and assessing possible entrapment points.

  • Furniture Care and Repair

  • Commercial Repairs Services

    Commercial Repairs Services

    FIRA Service Technicians work across all commercial sectors from offices to hospitals, from hospitality to education.  Not only does repairing furniture in the commercial sector save costs by not having to replace damaged products, but it’s also good environmental practice for your organisation by keeping furniture out of landfill.  With over 100 Service Technicians based across the UK we will have an expert available to support you....

  • Consumer Services

    Consumer Services

    Every week our technicians help hundreds of customers through inspection and repair services. These customers are via referrals from retailer and manufacturer clients we support, and as such are unable to help with ‘direct’ enquiries from the general public. Please contact your furniture retailer or manufacturer for details of their specific aftercare service.

  • Technical and Consultancy Services

  • Ergonomic and Dimensional Testing Services

    Ergonomic and Dimensional Testing Services

    There are a number of British (BS), European (EN) and international (ISO) Standards relating to ergonomics of products in use, mainly for the office, contract and educational markets. These Standards are mainly dimensional Standards for office and educational environments. A vast majority of office and contract furniture users will not purchase office chairs and tables unless they have been tested and certified by an independent third party.

  • Furniture Specification, Development and Evaluation Services

    Furniture Specification, Development and Evaluation Services

    FIRA International's ergonomists advise and assist on furniture specification, workstation efficiency and workplace layout for all types of educational, leisure, work and domestic environments. We can give advice on how to specify furniture that is fit for purpose for an organisation. This is not only the list of standards that it should comply with but also what type of chair or work surface should be specified, the size, dimensions etc. This is...

  • Textile Testing Service

    Textile Testing Service

    Why test upholstery textiles? Textiles need to withstand day to day use as the external material for your upholstery. With the bar for high quality continually rising, textile testing can ensure the standard of your products and reduce customer complaints.