Clewer North America, LLC

Clewer North America, LLC

Clewer North America develops and markets cutting edge wastewater treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial sectors in North America including the United States, Canada, and Mexico. CLEWER’s Rotating Bed Biofilm Reactor (RBBR) delivers unparalleled efficiencies in aeration, mixing, energy use, oxygen transfer, and maintenance. The founder and President of the company is Brad Donaldson and Chairman of the Board is Jukka Nikkanen. The originators of the patented RBBR are Esa Makinen and Gennadi Zaitsev. CLEWER North America is the exclusive licensee in North America for the RBBR.

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25 Thurmond Way #3966 , Bluffton , South Carolina 29910 USA
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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  • CLEWER is an environmental technology company that pioneered the world's first centrifugal bioreactor for wastewater treatment.
  • CLEWER specializes in the development, sales and installation of the world's most innovative wastewater treatment systems.
  • CLEWER patented technologies are completely scalable and suitable for many applications - municipal, decentralized systems, chemical, food & beverage, aquaculture, marine and many more.
  • CLEWER bioreactors are energy efficient and low maintenance keeping operational costs to a minimum.
  • CLEWER bioreactors and can be configured modularly to keep capital costs to a minimum.


CLEWER manufacturers and distributes the RBBRTM and IFAS-RTM technologies for cleaning municipal, industrial and residential waste streams.

CLEWER patented technologies leverage centrifugal force to clean water to a higher standard with less energy, less maintenance, and a smaller footprint than any other biological process on the market today.

Competitive Advantages over traditional MBBR & IFAS Applications are:

Higher Fill Rate

  • Up to 90% fill rate allows greater treatment per tank!

Even Aeration

  • Coarse Bubble aeration creates rotation of the biological carriers within the reactor – eliminating dead zones.

Efficient Aeration

  • Oxygen bubbles become trapped within the rotating biological carriers forcing oxygen to remain in the reactor much longer.

Less Maintenance

  • The rotational movement withing the bioreactor creates centrifugal force forcing slough from the biofilm to the outer wall of the tank for automatic removal.  No mechanical parts inside bioreactor.

Energy Efficient

  • Once in motion, less energy is required to maintain rotational movement.