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  • Water Tanks - Stone, Stone Veneered, Concrete, and Brick Tanks

  • Brick, Stucco, and Concrete Cisterns Tanks

    Brick, Stucco, and Concrete Cisterns Tanks

    Stone, rock, mortar, brick, concrete, and even stucco have been used for rainwater harvesting cisterns around the world for centuries.  These products both natural and man made add durability and architectural appeal to a system, and in some environments these materials are the only ones available for use.  Tanks on islands are commonly made from one of these products because of the availability of building products, and these systems...

  • Metal Tanks with Stone Accents

    Metal Tanks with Stone Accents

    The architectural advantages of these systems is impressive, however, rainwater harvesting directly from the surface(s) it falls on and not allowing this valuable resource to add to stormwater collection systems is the key factor. This water would otherwise have gone directly into the drainage system or been lost through evaporation and transpiration.  Always look for opportunity to be a great stewart to our environment, and remember that...

  • Stone and Stone Veneered Tanks

    Stone and Stone Veneered Tanks

    A high volume of water is taken from the environment for human use. Demand for water is rising because the population is increasing, lifestyles are changing and the impacts of a changing climate are becoming more clear.  We need to plan carefully for the future to ensure reliable water supplies are available for everyone whilst protecting the natural environment.  Reducing the volume of mains water supplied means less water is taken from...